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75k employees

100+ users

“We evaluated 9 tools but PractiTest stood apart based on ease of use and advanced integration features. PractiTest reporting features provide live transparency for management to get a clear picture of test status.”

blockquote author avatar Avijit Amitabh, Test Delivery Manager of the IS&T team at Alstom
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164M users/m

8M Developers

“Undoubtedly releasing better quality products into production. Better organized and communicative QA management, means a better experience for the end user down the line as well, and it shows.”

Syed Abbas, QA Engineer at Roblox
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375k users

2k+ Platforms

“PractiTest reporting and dashboard capabilities allowed us to get full visibility about our testing coverage which translates into business value, as we have better confidence in coverage and we are able now to release faster.”

blockquote author avatar Surendra Nagaura, QA Lead at Lambdatest
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