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38K+ Employees

160 Countries

“We evaluated several different test management platforms and chose PractiTest as our company standard. We are now consolidating our various test management systems into PractiTest.”

blockquote author avatar Arthur Meloy, VP Site Reliability Engineering at NCR
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5K+ Hospitals

15K+ Clinics

“The PartsSource team has seen many benefits from partnering with PractiTest: Standardization of test cases, reduction of repetitive work, increased efficiency for onboarding new resources, significant time saving for test creation and more.”

blockquote author avatar Siva Kopparapu, Director of software quality assurance at PartsSource
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15+ Years' experience

Platinum Atlassian Partner

“PractiTest for us is a reliable partner. We can write down test scenarios 20% faster than when we used the old solution.”

blockquote author avatar Oldrich Klima, QA lead at MoroSystems
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20+ Global partners

100% Technology agnostic

“PractiTest has helped us get the automation test activities manageable and visible. Using PractiTest makes it much faster and easier to deliver test results to management and customers. It also provides us better automation test management

blockquote author avatar Jiawei Wang, QA Architect at Oqton
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1,000 Employees

Top Oracle Partner

“Thanks to PractiTest we have a unified approach to testing for multiple delivery units in our organiztion. The Testing Center of Excllence has gained recognition and appreciation.”

blockquote author avatar Mohita Prasad, Testing Center of Excellence Lead at AST Corporation
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Protected over 50M journeys

Founded in 2015

"From using PractiTest, we have improved our code quality. We have both 90% coverage of tests and 100% of requirements fulfilled.”

blockquote author avatar Jessica Carreno Fernandez, Software Developer at RazorSecure
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164M Users

8M Developers

“Undoubtedly releasing better quality products into production. Better organized and communicative QA management, means a better experience for the end user down the line as well, and it shows.”

Syed Abbas, QA Engineer at Roblox
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375K Users

2K+ Platforms

“PractiTest reporting and dashboard capabilities allowed us to get full visibility about our testing coverage which translates into business value, as we have better confidence in coverage and we are able now to release faster.”

blockquote author avatar Surendra Nagaura, QA Lead at Lambdatest
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