PractiTest is a tool that enables teams to manage their software testing projects. Here are some selected quotes from our pleased clients.

“With the help of PractiTest’s customization we were able to define new issue types and better cluster the information, allowing us to filter out data and generate more accurate and detailed reports. We recommended PractiTest within our Organization to be used in further projects.”

Hein Eltink / test coordinator for the database project

We have been working with ET in PractiTest for a while now and... Basically, when I asked my Testers questions about this feature, the answer was simple – “It is brilliant!”.

Jakub Malek, Senior Test Engineer at DisplayLink

"The customization and integration capabilities of PractiTest alone are stellar and nearly all-encompassing, which does not even include its core purpose of test case management."

John Crawford ,Test Engineer, DeveloperTown

“The PractiTest team has always been great to work with. If I have found an issue they respond back quickly and very professionally. Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, we are getting a great product with great support that fits the needs of our department.”

Stephen Musial / FREEMAN'S Lead QA Tester

Interacting with your support team is literally the best customer experience i ever had. It encourages me to contact you with issue instead of looking for a different prod.

Shaked Cohen - from SentinelOne

"PractiTest enables us to organize our tests and report bugs into one database, in a unified and pre-defined mode, providing us with much-needed order and enabling us to streamline our testing process. As a service provider working in complete transparency with our customers, we found the PractiTest dashboard and reporting mechanism a superior tool for providing our customers with a clear and precise view of development status. In this way PractiTest helps us reach our goal of maximal customer satisfaction."

Hila Vax, QA Team leader, Symcotech

“When you post an issue they get back to you promptly and their turnaround is second to none. They've even included some features we requested in their releases. You can’t get better than that.”

Kfir Hemed, Head of the Verification Unit at Radwin

“With PractiTest we manage testing of three separate applications (ERP, point-of-sale, and payment processing). This means that separate QA teams in different sites use PractiTest to manage tests and bugs. No doubt, this is the best product in its price category: PractiTest is solid enough to support multiple testing environments and complex scenarios, yet it's very intuitive for everyday use (such as filling in bug information and opening new projects). Their support is second to none; a mail is normally replied within the hour; sometimes directly by phone.”

Ophir Amitai, QA Manager, Delek Corp.

"With PractiTest we finally connected Marketing, R&D and QA in one system, streamlining our whole product - development process - from requirements to testing. The results: shorter development and testing cycles, and a product that is closer to market demands."

Uriel Perlman / Head of QA, Wavion

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> 2.5 M TestRuns of paying customers!
> 1.8 M Steps of paying customers!
> 450 K TestCases of paying customers!

Case studies

See if you are facing similar challenges and hw PractiTest can improve your test case management process.


Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Case study

PractiTest is chosen for its unified online view of Issues, Tests and Requirements

One of the tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to keep track of all the international treaties the Netherlands has with other countries. A database system has been in place for a number of years, accumulating over 6,000 active treaties. Due to an upcoming change in the Kingdom of the Netherlands al treaties have to be reassessed, leading to the need for an upgrade of the database system.


The Ministry undertook the process of reviewing a number of tools and alternatives, and PractiTest was chosen as the Platform to manage the Quality Assurance processes of the database system project; coordinating the work of the external supplier developing the updated system, the testing efforts of the business owners, and providing the needed visibility to all project members.


“We choose PractiTest for a number of reasons” says Hein Eltink, test coordinator for the database system project. As a SaaS based applications, “The fact that it was available to all parties involved simply through the Internet was one of the main reasons. Another one was that there would always be a unified and up-to-date view of the project, including the status and progress of both the testing and issue fixing processes. And we were finally free from the never-ending task of sending excel sheets with the issues back and forth to the supplier.”


The database team decided to upload their requirements from the start of the project and link them to the test scripts, allowing them to see the progress of the project from a requirements coverage perspective too.


“PractiTest helped us enormously to keep track of the progress and avoid misunderstandings due to the different versions of the issues in excel. The professional assistance provided by the PractiTest team during the setup process was also very helpful.


With the help of PractiTest’s customizations we were able to define new issue types and better cluster the information, allowing us to filter out data and generate more accurate and detailed reports. We recommended PractiTest within our Organization to be used in further projects.”


Ministry of foreign affairs logo color
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Hathway Case Study

Hathway Case Study

The Challenge:

The main challenge for Hathway is understanding test coverage and ensuring that testing of all features/aspects of a project are covered to the extent possible.  The company combines internal QA members and developers together with contract testers when needed.  Before PractiTest, testing was mostly managed in Excel or Google Sheets.


The Solution: 

Jess Cheda, Hathway Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, reviewed 3 test case management options before choosing PractiTest. 


She ultimately choose PractiTest due to a better UI interface, superior reporting capabilities than other options evaluated, and a great support staff. 


The PractiTest Benefits:

 “Deployment was simple and integration with JIRA was fast.  Reports made it easy to show the percentages of tests passing, and created visibility of our testing status.   The JIRA integration that allowed us to create tests while in the JIRA interface and to map bugs of failed tests in PractiTest was very helpful”. 


Reporting capabilities were very valuable to our management. 


hathway logo color

Hathway is a mobile agency offering full strategy, design, and development solutions for brands that want to build successful mobile apps and responsive websites.

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Kaltura case study

Kaltura – Case study

The Challenge

The Challenge fo Kaltura was to create a productive, efficient and professional process for their growing QA group. Before working with PractiTest they used Quality Center, but for them it was lacking the easy and low-level coverage they were looking for.


“We wanted to Implement a clear process from the Requirements, via the Test Planning, and Test Execution; and to have the ability to present a clear visibility report to our Management that reflected our methodology and process.”  Said Elad Binyamini, OTT and OVP application QA group manager.


The Solution

Kaltura chose Practitest due to the fact that this tools gave them everything they needed to present and manage the QA and testing lifecycle in a simple and complete solution. 


The PractiTest Benefits

“The tools is SaaS, very user friendly, board, extremely flexible, and their integrations with JiRA and Confluence are simply great!” Mentioned Elad.


Another point worth mentioning was that PractiTest’s standard of service and support is second to none! 


Kaltura color logo

Kaltura is a software company founded in 2006. it's mission is to power any video experience.

Kaltura operates in four major markets for video based solutions:
- Cloud TV (OTT TV) for operators and media companies
- OVP (Online Video Platform) mostly for media companies and brands looking to distribute content or monetize it
- EdVP (Education Video Platform) offered to educational institutions who are increasingly relying on video as for teaching and learning
- EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) offered to enterprises who use video for collaboration, communications and marketing.

The company offers a broad Video Platform as a Service, as well as turnkey video based SaaS solutions across all these markets. They are also the initiator and backer of a successful open-source video-management project.

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Tapstorm Case Study

Tapstorm – Case Study

The Challenge

Tapstorm has a small QA department which deals with System Integration testing, Product testing, Configuration testing and UAT. However, due to the rapid expansion rate of the company and the dynamic nature of their services they have a very short time to test before launching their service to each market.


They needed a clear and efficient QA Management system that can meet their demand for flexibility and incredibly fast response times. They also require a system that allows them to constantly create and remove projects (and users) based on their changing project needs.


The Solution

Tapstorm searched the market for a long term solution that would enable them to create and curate multiple projects and reuse their test cases within these projects. A testing repository and execution solution that would provide them with a way to leverage existing information between projects and get valuable time-saving results.


PractiTest offered this and more by also adding great flexibility to the QA process and helping Tapstorm reach it’s goal.


The PractiTest Benefits

PractiTest is a great test management solution as mentioned by Jose Anto, Telenor’s QA Lead and Systems Developer “Practitest acts as a repository for storing our tests & makes it possible to cherry pick tests for each project. It also makes it easy to launch test runs & assign QA resources based on the demands.”


Case studies Tapstorm logo colored

Telenor is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Tapstorm is the brand Telenor Business Internet Services AS operates under. They provide Cloud brokerage services for Telenor Group companies who wish to sell smart and affordable online services to their customer base.

Tapstorm provides services and products for mobiles devices such as data backup, device security, office tools, messaging and communications, etc. Combining these products into specific packages and offerings for the individual markets they operate in.

Today Tapstorm operates in Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and Serbia and it is quickly expanding into additional markets worldwide.  http://tapstorm.com/

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Observeit Case Study

The Challenge 

The Challenge 

Observeit has a team of 16 testers, distributed in 2 countries.  Before working with PractiTest the company was using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM). 


Their main testing challenge was organizing and providing visibility especially around their testing coverage, and also integrating the results of their test automation as part of their overall testing reports and graphs. 


The Solution  

PractiTest test management was easy to use, and allowed to report the results of our automation via their APIs, therefore supporting the ability to create reports and and real-time dashboards that gave stakeholders from the entire company access to the information of our testing suites.


The PractiTest Benefits 

According to Avi Baruch, Observeit QA Manager, using PractiTest allowed the company to improve their QA efforts and results.


“Using Practitest – we are able to easily add missing tests, manage our testing library (progression tests, regression tests, etc.), keep all test execution history, and create reports covering both manual and automation tests” 


observeit logo

ObserveIT is an Insider Threat Management[1] software company. ObserveIT provides insider threat security solutions, including employee monitoring, user activity monitoring, behavioral analytics, policy enforcement, and digital forensics to more than 1,400 customers in over 80 countries. The company’s software is deployed primarily in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail markets.

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Zerto Case Study

Zerto – Case Study

The Challenge

Zerto has a large product that undergoes frequent build releases and therefore requires extensive QA in various testing environments. The company needed a solution that would expedite and streamline the QA cycle. Which according to Udi, Zerto’s Director of QA, was the main challenge prior to PractiTest.


The company’s rigorous testing schedule means that communicating the status of a release both to the organization and even inside the testing team can be complex. Zerto needed a simple way for all stakeholders involved in product releases to see how many tests had been performed, how many were left and how many passed were not easily answered.


The Solution

PractiTest came up in Udi’s online search for a QA management systems.  Though he was not searching for a SaaS product per-se, Zerto’s general IT strategy is to move to cloud based computing to save maintenance costs, so PractiTest fit in well with that.


PractiTest also met all of Udi’s other criteria: easy deployment, an ability to customize test parameters, a simple pass/ fail process and, as important, a competitive price.


As Udi mentions “deployment was very easy – due to it’s simplicity and friendly UI everybody loves using it, even those who were used to using other, more well known solutions.  Additionally, the API is simple and easy to understand and maintain”.


The PractiTest Benefits

According to Udi, the main benefits PractiTest provides Zetro are: process transparency, summarized reporting, no maintenance requirement and excellent responsive support.


“PractiTest’s greatest benefit in my mind is the transparency of the QA process that now exists in the organization.  This was also the solution to our greatest challenge”, says Udi. “Moreover, it gives the ability to quickly and easily manage all my tests and their history in a single place.


As well as efficient reporting that help me summarize and present the department’s work plan to the greater organization.


When I compare it to other solutions I’ve worked with before, I can say that PractiTest is much faster and is of better value, since no maintenance is required.  Last but not least, one of the advantages of Practitest is it’s customer service: It is simply excellent.  The PractiTest team is always ready to help, whether by email, phone or Skype and always responding in a much more timely manner than even expected”.


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Zerto logo color

Zerto, a dynamic cloud based start-up, provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments.

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Freeman Case Study

Freeman Case Study

The Challenge

The Freeman QA Team conducts testing for a range of products, including eCommerce applications such as Freeman OnLine (FOL) and the Freemanco websites. The variety of tested platforms is large: from large software tools involving various testing platforms and environments, to small-scale products.


The Freeman QA team is also in charge of tracking bugs for products that are already in production, as well as new requirements originating from support.


Stephen Musal, Freeman’s Lead QA Tester: “Because we are a small team dealing with many tests for different products, we needed a reliable system that could track our bugs and link them to the product primary requirements.”


The Solution

Stephen found PractiTest through searching the Web for hosted testing solutions: “I was impressed by the ease of use and administration, plus the ability to migrate from another hosted solution quickly. Initial deployment was completed within two weeks of acceptance, which saved us a lot of time in reporting and updating issues.”


According to Stephen, scalability, reporting and price were also major considerations: “PractiTest has a good dashboard showing project status, that is easy to export and share with other departments; and if I want to generate a report, for example, of the bug history through several versions of a certain product, it’s very easy to do.”


“It’s also easy to add and subtract licenses when we need to, and the PractiTest pricing is very competitive.”


Following the successful deployment of PractiTest at Freeman, Stephen decided to introduce Freeman’s offshore QA subcontractors to the PractiTest solution. “Our offshore testers are now also deploying PractiTest. We all agree about its ease of use, search capabilities and useful views.”


Using the same PractiTest system, in-house Freeman QA team can now conduct shared projects with offshore teams, and have clear real-time visibility of their testing and bug status. This, in turn, has led to improved coordination and supervision of offshore QA work.


The PractiTest Benefits

When asked about PractiTest benefits, Stephen mentions, first, better coordination of defects. “The most important aspect for us is tracking defects within projects and product versions, and grouping them in a hierarchical structure. Another big plus is that the system is set up to prevent duplicate bugs and include a flow, defining the state of each bug.”


Another benefit is the ability to trace test cases back to requirements. “The connection between bugs, test cases and requirements enabled us to assess in real-time the importance of each bug to the project.”


Stephen also points out the PractiTest central management and reporting features: “With PractiTest, we can access test information from a central location that provides a clear view of testing processes and status. This assists me in making more informed QA decisions, and in reporting to management”.


Another PractiTest benefit, Stephen wanted to mention, is the PractiTest support team: “The PractiTest team has always been great to work with. If I have found an issue they respond back quickly and very professionally. Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, we are getting a great product with great support that fits the needs of our department.”


Case studies Freeman logo colored

Freeman is a leading provider of integrated services for marketing events, including trade shows, conventions, corporate events and exhibits. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and with 40 offices in North America, Freeman produces more than 3,000 expositions annually, including 48% of the largest 250 U.S. trade shows, and more than 10,000 other events worldwide.

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Aternity Case Study

Aternity Case Study

The Challenge

The main challenge for Aternity’s QA team was to adapt their testing operations in order to comply with the decision by their company to adopt SCRUM as their development process.


This was especially challenging given that they are constantly releasing new versions and patches to the field, and each one of them needs to be tested on a large number of platforms and configurations.  On top of that, a large number of Aternity’s testing is still done manually.


The Solution

David Elimelech, Aternity’s Director of QA, heard about PractiTest from a friend.  He liked the idea of introducing a SaaS product as a testing platform and thus saving the need for adding an in-house IT person to maintain the platform.


He ultimately chose PractiTest because of its closeness in concept to known industry tools. This similarity made deployment fast and easy.


The PractiTest Benefits

“First and foremost, PractiTest greatest advantage is its organization of the documentation of all tests and test sets.  Moreover, David states that the PractiTest team provided good and fast customer service that helped him and his team on their way to overcoming our QA challenges.


In short, Practitest provides the fluency and visibility needed to manage complex multi-platform testing, organizing the work of their Scrum process, while keeping up with the fast pace of product releases.


Aternity logo

Aternity provides performance management tools that monitor the end user experience on a variety of applications and platforms. The company supplies their customers with a clear overview of their work process and performance parameters.

Aternity and its products are continually sought by global enterprises and IT solution providers as a strategic business partner and enabler for key IT initiatives.

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Radwin Case Study

Radwin Case Study

The Challenge

When Kfir became head of the Verification Unit he realized he needed to amp the test management tool. At the time, Radwin was using what is considered a leading test-management tool. “We had a few problems with this product”, says Kfir. “First of all, it was extremely expensive: each user license cost more than a thousand dollars. In addition, there was no flexibility to add licenses for temporary users during times of heavy workloads.” With headcount growing quickly from two to eight testers, and with frequent loans from other testing departments, Kfir realized he needed a product with a lower cost of ownership and license flexibility. Another problem was the fact that the product was locally installed and required extensive computing resources. “It wasn’t unusual for the server to overload, in which case work would slow down or even halt”, says Kfir. “In case of server malfunction, the whole department would stop working until we could get the server – and the system – up again. This became a growing problem .”


The Solution

Kfir set out to methodically look for a new testing framework. His requirements were first of all a simple and cost-effective product that would be easy to learn and use and is fully reliable.“Stability and availability are our top concerns and that’s why at first I didn’t look at SaaS-based products”, says Kfir. “I was afraid of disconnection and stability problems.
However, after looking around Kfir realized a SaaS product can actually be even more reliable than a locally installed product, because it doesn’t have local hardware and computing limitations .”



Kfir looked at about 15 products, including PractiTest, which he found online, and ran trials for five of them; in the end he chose PractiTest. “I liked the product, the simplicity, the ease of use. I decided to run one set of tests for a month and see how it goes. After the first trial we tested a bigger version, and only after that went smoothly – we moved all of our testing to PractiTest.” In the year and a half Radwin has been using PractiTest, Kfir has been satisfied with the product: “first of all, we never had a system crash or slow down” says Kfir. “It’s easy to deploy – the logic of the system and the UI are clear – and the learning learning curve is very quick “.
“This is very beneficial for us because we frequently loan testers from other departments, and they start using PractiTest in no time.”
Kfir also commends the PractiTest support: “When you post an issue they get back to you promptly and their turnaround is second to none. They’ve even included some features we requested in their releases (such as choosing rows of issues to display on each page). You can’t get better than that.”


The PractiTest Benefits

Kfir sites four main advantages in using PractiTest: the first one is simplicity in use. The second advantage is stability: no more server downtimes and interruptions in workflow.
The third advantage is that PractiTest is a light and stable product: no slowdowns, no downtime.
The fourth advantage: licensing flexibility: “It’s easy for us to add users when we need extra testers.”
“The results are effective and better managed testing cycles: accurate planning that is executed on schedule, with clear logging of each and every test, issue and bug. “With an average cycle exceeding a thousand tests – that’s a big advantage”, adds Kfir.


Radwin logo

RADWIN is a world leading communications equipment vendor, developing wireless back-haul and broadband access solutions for carriers and service providers. Established in 1997, Radwin is active in over 100 countries and has 14 offices worldwide.
The Verification Unit at Radwin includes eight QA engineers whose duty is to conduct final testing and seal of approval each product, version or component produced by the company.
The Verification Unit is a specialised unit and separate from the QA Department. “This is typical for a communications vendor”, says Kfir Hemed, Head of the Verification Unit at Radwin, “because our testing is completely different.”

“For example, we don’t do standard unit testing or regression, but rather end-to-end testing that includes all possible product environments and customer simulations”, adds Kfir. “For every new feature, we sit down and plan the complete scenario and methodology and then enter it into the PractiTest tool.”
In addition to complex testing environments, testing cycles are large-scale, consisting of over a thousand tests for each version. “This means complex teamwork and schedules that require a top-notch test management tool”, says Kfir.

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St John of God Healthcare

The Challenge

The main challenge of the testing team at St John of God  was to catch bugs before it was too late in the process, or even worst before being released to their production systems. This was made even more difficult  by the fact that the majority of the testing was done by the business users themselves without any structured system or process to follow.


Prior to using ‘PractiTest’ they were managing their testing with Excel spreadsheets, and test status was reported via emails.


After trying to understand how to improve their process, it became clear to them that as part of this better process they also needed a better solution to manage all the tests and the runs of their team, and to integrate this with their existing bug tracking system, Jira .


The Solution

According to Emina Ramic, Test Manager at St John of God Healthcare, PractiTest was “Easy to use, very affordable, fast, intuitive, and has the BEST Support Team on the planet!”


“The main shift seen from using PractiTest is that Testing has gained a reputation as an activity that delivers great benefits to our business, and is worth investing money into” continues Emina.


She mentioned QA cycles are now faster, and defects are well managed using PractiTest’s integration with JIRA so that coordinating multiple teams across the country on a single project has become easy.


“Even though we are not a software development shop, multiple teams are using PractiTest to store/re-use and share their scripts, run their testing, report on test status, etc. Even our medical staff are keen to use PractiTest for UAT after trying it once”


The PractiTest Benefit

St John of God Healthcare has only praise for PractiTest both for it’s functionality and support. “PractiTest has all the functionality you’ve ever wanted to successfully run and manage your testing. In addition, they have always been super-fast and reliable and till this day it never let us down, none of that annoying & time-wasting stuff”


Emina continues “However, in all the greatness and user-friendliness of PractiTest, the true star of the show is its Support Team. Unlike many other tool vendors where you send a simple query then wait for days to hear back from them, and even when you finally hear back the answer actually doesn’t answer your question in the slightest, PractiTest saves you from all that time and money wasting, frustrating nonsense.  The PractiTest Support team hears you the first time and answers your question straight away, and the only thing you need to do is click on a little ‘chat’ icon. All I can say: an amazing tool and equally amazing support team!”




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St John of God Healthcare logo

“St John of God” is a healthcare organization, running and managing 19 hospitals across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Their QA consists of 5 teams all across Australia.

  • Easy to use, very affordable, fast, intuitive, and has the BEST Support Team on the planet!
  • PractiTest has all the functionality you’ve ever wanted to successfully run and manage your testing. In addition, they have always been super-fast and reliable and till this day it never let us down, none of that annoying & time-wasting stuff
  • The main shift seen from using PractiTest is that Testing has gained a reputation as an activity that delivers great benefits to our business.

    Emina Ramic, Test Manager at St John of God Healthcare

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The Challenge

Prior to working with PractiTest, Roblox’s QA management was mostly spreadsheet based, along with a few other tools.


However, this had become a very challenging test management approach, and it was hard for QA to keep up The challenge We realized we needed to have an organized system to keep track of our testcases because our library is growing fast with development in this matter.


"We realized we needed to have an organized system to keep track of our test-cases because our library is growing fast” says QA Engineer Syed Abbas."


The Solution

After evaluating several test management solutions they found PractiTest to be the best fit for their needs. “We found PractiTest to have some of the most robust features at a bargain of a price: Highly customizable, robust reporting, awesome features, all with a user friendly UI”.


The PractiTest Benefit

They currently have 20-30 QA personnel, over 200 developers on 6-10 teams working with PractiTest at any given time. The most noticeable benefit so far is that they are undoubtedly releasing better quality products into production.


Better organized and communicative QA management, means a better experience for the end user down the line as well, and it shows.


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Roblox logo

Roblox is a user-generated online gaming platform based in the United States. With over 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens.

Roblox is powered by a global community of over four million developers and creators who produce their own immersive 3D multiplayer experiences using Roblox Studio, their intuitive desktop design tool. Any experience imaginable can be created on Roblox

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Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services & related tech solutions across the Nordics. IT Merchant Services within Nets needed a tool to fit their unique requirements


The Challenge

• Managing QA staff in multiple countries and in different companies (companies bought by Nets but were not yet integrated to their IT systems).


• Coordinating all requirements that were in Jira.


• Nets is a highly security-oriented company with strict security requirements.


The PractiTest Benefit

• PractTest’s cloud service helped us integrate & coordinate the work of teams that are geographically and logistically separated. Working and communicating under one virtual house, has made our team effort smoother and more valuable. The team’s communication established a better process, business, development and human relations!


• We connect the worlds of Product, Development & Testing using the integration with Jira on a 2 way basis, and also on a one-way link to ensure security when needed.


• We can increase the perceived value of our team by giving better visibility into our work (automation & manual results) using the multiple reporting options.


• The ET in PractiTest really allowed the teams to account for all their testing tasks, scripted and exploratory, and provide a more accurate image of their work and the application.


• PractiTest has the best support! When you have people joining & leaving teams, you need a company that will have your back covered.


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Nets logo

Nets is a leading provider of digital payment services and related technology solutions across the Nordic region. Merchant Services provides in-store, online, and mobile payment, as well as solutions, services, and a wide range of international payment means. They also provide merchants with acquiring of Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Union Pay, in addition to local payment schemes. Merchant Services is present across all Nordic and Baltic countries. They have more than 300,000 merchant customers, from small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) to large international retail chains, including over 30,000 online merchants.

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The Challenge

While they did use other test case management systems in the past, they were inflexible and difficult to extract the information needed. Their chips need to work in a large ecosystem of connected products and it is important to them to be able to track and report this while testing


The Solution

“We needed something easy to use, and edit. We wanted something that could also record our exploratory testing. We wanted a tool that was going to support our testing and not slow us down or force a style of particular style of working.”


After evaluating about 10 tools, PractiTest was the only one that suited the majority of their needs. “The main benefit from PractiTest is that allows us quick access to the information we need.” says Neil Younger (Head of Software Testing and Quality at DisplayLink)


“Also, PractiTest’s support team is amazing. They always respond quickly, and we have had a number of really productive face to face sessions.”



DisplayLink logo

DisplayLink is a chip and software company whose technology is used in products from the world’s leading PC and peripheral brands. DisplayLink technology enables wired and wireless VR, monitors, docking stations, video adapters, and more, in products from the world’s leading PC & peripheral brands. Products with DisplayLink technology support devices running on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Ubuntu.

DisplayLink has over 200 Engineers. Instead of a designated QA department, they have testers who work in multifunctional teams.

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The Challenge

Until recently Smoke Shop’s IT team was only using Jira for issue tracking. It had become necessary to find a more comprehensive QA solution to manage their testing and creating a centralized hub for each of their departments and various integrations and applications


ERP was the first pilot project for the company and Practitest, the first Test Management tool they used from a project perspective.


The Solution

Practitest was chosen as it had seemed like an appropriate solution for the company’s testing requirements and budget. However, what really won them over were features and abilities PractiTest provides such as Traceability, ease of creating test cases and test instances, filter and field options and being very user-friendly.


“The benefits of Practitest are immense and I do see the same extending to the the success of our ERP implementation” says Director of Business Applications Dan Lui.



Famous Smoke logo

Famous Smoke Shop is one of the largest retailers of cigars, humidors, and cigar accessories in the USA. With both a B&M and an online shop, Famous Smoke needed a test management tool to centralize and manage their IT efforts

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The Challenge

Nextnine main challenge was to efficiently handle a huge amount of regression tests. They were working with HP Quality Center before they started using PractiTest, and they were looking for a tool in which they will be able to run regression tests faster, and without cloning test data. Their criteria for a test management tool included, cloud based, fully ALM, has a convenient UI, can integrate with Jira and Automation tools, has the ability to clone test cases and edit tests during test runs.


“Our greatest challenge is dealing with many Regression tests, and in Quality Center - we used to duplicate all the tests between versions, which was a huge waste of storage”.


The Solution

After the process of reviewing 5 different tools, Nextnine QA team manager decided on PractiTest. She decided to choose PractiTest because the system matched the QA team’s criteria for a test management tool, and it offered a perfect solution for their regression tests challenge. In addition to the efficiency she found in PractiTest, QA manager Sagit Efrati was also very satisfied with PractiTest customer success team which she found extremely helpful.


The PractiTest Benefit

According to Nextnine QA manager, PraciTest’s main benefits include the ease of use and operation, and fast workflow. They were also able to get much more value from the documentation of their QA process using PractiTest and the way the documentation was presented.


When Sagit was asked about the benefits PractiTest has for their QA process she said: “We can definitely say that it has improved our QA team work and made it more effectively and well documented. All QA engineers have an easy access to previous test sets and to test library.”


Talking about PractiTest’s customer success team she said: “Eventually there is a team behind the tool! And we love working with PractiTest! The Customer Success team really want our success, and they’ve helped us with planning and building everything until everything worked!”


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Nextnine is a leading provider of top-down OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. Empowering industrial organizations to benefit from integrated OT/IT operations while minimizing security vulnerabilities.

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The Challenge

David Carter, a test analyst in Bristol Energy was evaluating several different solutions for the challenge he and his team were facing. The team is relatively small and contains two full time testers and two in-house developers. Before they started working with PractiTest, the Bristol Energy QA team used Excel sheets to store their test cases and test results and was recording their bugs on a third party tool.


Described the challenge his team was facing prior to choosing PractiTest David says: “I would have to spend time chasing people to make sure they had updated the spreadsheet with their testing results. As soon as I updated the spreadsheet it quickly became out of date”.


The Solution

The main reasons David and his team decided to adopt PractiTest as their test management solution are: First, the ability to record test cases, test steps and test evidence in one system. Secondly, PractiTest can generate scheduled reports which they needed for recording their testing process. In addition, the fact that the system is cloud based meant easy implementation process and flexible billing. This drew them to choose the system over other systems.


The PractiTest Benefit

When David was asked about the benefits PractiTest has for their QA process he had five major points to state:


The first point regards the time management: “Quick and easy to create test sets and enables us to concentrate on testing rather than reporting. The flexibility around custom fields and filters is great.”


On communication: “It does make it clear that everyone is testing and I can see instantly the latest test progress or issues. I can also easily build and share reports with other stakeholders we are still really at the early stages of using the reporting functionality.”


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Bristol Energy is a national gas and electricity company originated in the UK. The company is supplying both domestic and commercial customers.

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Monitoring Health and QA

Oranim Medical Case study

Delivering such critical and complex products to the healthcare industry, the Ornim QA team were looking for an easy to use tool that will make their QA process & defect tracking clear and smooth.


Looking into PractiTest test management tool, they found exactly that. “PractiTest has all these and more. It has a simple process for requirement, test case, and defects, simple creation of dashboards for reporting. Basically, it answers most of the QA requirement.” Says QA lead Zion Adadi.


When asked what the main reason was for choosing PractiTest, Adadi mentions 2 reasons: The excellent dashboards and report, and the filters that make the testing management and defect tracking much easier. He also refers to the advanced traceability that he uses to coordinate between requirements, tests and defects.


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Ornim Medical is a bio-medical high-technology company specializing in clinical research, development, and distribution of medical devices in the field of tissue and cerebral blood flow and perfusion. Their technology provides physicians with unique monitoring solutions, revolutionizing individualized and personalized patient care.

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