DisplayLink is a chip and software company whose technology is used in products from the world’s leading PC and peripheral brands. DisplayLink technology enables wired and wireless VR, monitors, docking stations, video adapters, and more, in products from the world’s leading PC & peripheral brands. Products with DisplayLink technology support devices running on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Ubuntu. DisplayLink has over 200 Engineers. Instead of a designated QA department, they have testers who work in multifunctional teams.

The Challenge

While they did use other test case management systems in the past, they were inflexible and difficult to extract the information needed. Their chips need to work in a large ecosystem of connected products and it is important to them to be able to track and report this while testing.

The Solution

“We needed something easy to use, and edit. We wanted something that could also record our exploratory testing. We wanted a tool that was going to support our testing and not slow us down or force a style of particular style of working.”

After evaluating about 10 tools, PractiTest was the only one that suited the majority of their needs. “The main benefit from PractiTest is that allows us quick access to the information we need.” says Neil Younger (Head of Software Testing and Quality at DisplayLink)

“Also, PractiTest’s support team is amazing. They always respond quickly, and we have had a number of really productive face to face sessions.”

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