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In order to excel in testing in the healthcare industry, we have to have full confidence in our work and process. Here are a few characteristics that can help you do exactly that:


PractiTest is the most secure QA system in the market. Our client’s safety and confidence are a top priority and we use multiple technologies for threat detection and prevention, to make sure data is always safe and available to the right people when they need it. Healthcare organizations must perform periodic trail and log audits. They often deploy rule-based auditing systems to detect threats to sensitive patient health information in electronic health record (EHR) systems. For that reason, all processes and tools, including 3rd party tools like QA management system, must stay secured at all times and assure the top level of security. PractiTest’s solution complies with the strictest security standards in the industry making us the only SaaS test management one can fully trust. PractiTest supports Covered Entities (HIPAA) by being in compliance with HIPAA requirements. This is covered by Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

PractiTest Integrations

PractiTest functions as a one-stop shop for all testing efforts. PractiTest is an end-to-end solution with several modules such as requirements, test library, test sets & runs, issues, and of course dashboards and reports. In addition, PractiTest integrates with bug-trackers such as Jira, Bugzilla, Azure-DevOps, and a REST API for all automation integrations. Customizable dashboards and advanced reports capture full visibility for you, so you can monitor your entire testing process in real-time.

“Our team got a huge benefit from the tool. Now we can maintain both automation and manual test cases in the same place.”

Anupam Debnath, syncron
Test Set Screen

PractiTest flow and UX/UI were built to serve not only the experienced professional but also the new tester. The system is intuitive and teams find it easy to coordinate their work. For any issue, you can easily find a solution either in the documentation or by approaching the support team.

“Easy to use, very affordable, fast, intuitive, and has the BEST Support Team on the planet!”

Emina Ramic, Test Manager at St John of God Healthcare
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Ease of use

The more tests you run, the more important it is to be on top of everything and communicate it properly. Knowing what’s going on with your tests, who is doing what, and where things stand is crucial when managing a QA operation. With PractiTest you can make sure you are always in control; Track test execution in real-time, use custom fields to create dedicated dashboards that will show you what you need - the status of the testing, the team’s progress, how ready is the product to be released and so on.

“The greatest benefit is the transparency of the QA process that now exists in the organization. This was also the solution to our greatest challenge. Moreover, it gives the ability to quickly and easily manage all my tests and their history in a single place.”

Udi Vered, Director of QA at Zerto
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PractiTest Dashboard