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Software & Technology

Release better software, faster, with confidence.
  • With the continued customers’ demand for fast new technologies and features, the whole development cycle must adjust, not only by applying new methods such as Agile and DevOps but also by supporting these methods with the correct tools and practices.
  • The toolkits companies use for their cycles keep growing and teams need an integrated solution to manage the entire development process in one place.
  • The end-users use multiple platforms and devices forcing the development team to consider those and to test accordingly.
  • With all that in mind, team communication can become more challenging and cooperation more important than ever.
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Ensure the quality of your health service and device.
  • The healthcare industry is facing an inevitable digital transformation. The importance of big data is becoming more and more valuable for healthcare accuracy; customers are expecting on-demand services and virtual treatment is accelerating. This means more and more advanced technology is being used in an industry where every mistake can become critical.
  • Healthcare providers must ensure the information running through these devices and tools stays confidential.
  • PractiTest supports Covered Entities (HIPAA) by being in compliance with HIPAA requirements. This is covered by Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
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Healthcare industry
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Finance and Insurance

Making legacy procedures relevant to today’s requirements
  • The Finance and Insurance industries are facing the inevitable digital transformation - both in the technological aspect and the usability aspect. Clients expect your on-demand digital presence and will not hesitate to switch a provider if the digital platform will not be satisfying. More and more kinds of devices are being used by clients and providers must keep up pace with the progressing technology.
  • Unlike other industries, confidentiality and security is one of the highest requirements for these industries. Any procedure, in-house or outsourced, must comply with the strictest standards. Confirming best practice of the testing process in these industries is not always easy; aligning large testing teams, that sometimes work from different parts of the world, and have different skill sets requires a strong and stable process.
  • Systems used in those teams are often legacy or cross-departments systems, that cannot be easily changed or removed. A testing solution must be able to adapt to the current process and streamline it with together the testing team.
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Testing the retail process from A-Z
  • Retail is not what it used to be. More and more brick & mortar shops close down or add online shopping options. Digital transformation is inevitable, both in the technological aspect and the usability aspect.
  • As more and more devices and technology are being incorporated into the retail purchase process, providers must keep up pace with the progressing technology. This creates yet another problem, as many of the tools used in the retail supply chain are legacy low-tech tools that also need to be a part of the testing process.
  • Many times, the testers in the retail industry are end-users - e.g the people who activate the POS (Point of Sale). Their knowledge of testing and testing practices is limited or even non-existing.
  • Clients expect your on-demand digital presence on various devices and will not hesitate to switch a provider if your digital platform will not meet their expectations.
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