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Being a manual tester doesn’t mean only following scripts and finding bugs. A manual tester is the first in line in the product quality inspection chain, and their work can have a direct influence on the entire process. PractiTest is built to make the work of the tester more efficient and rewarding. With both scripted and exploratory testing - testers can use the testing method they most suitable to meet requirements. Features like call-to-test, test step parameters, test set permutation, and more - save time and redundant work and reproduce entities automatically for the testers’ workflow. In PractiTest all tests are reusable, thus saving precious time and guaranteeing you have only the data you need.

  • Reuse test cases and automatically create test sets based on different variables
  • Use the testing method that suits you, scripted or exploratory
  • Report your achievements easily to your boss
  • Stay aware of your team’s work by following shared dashboards and reports
Get recognized for your work
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Release with confidence

The world of QA is constantly evolving and QA managers often find themselves facing new challenges - advancing technology, teamwork and responsibilities, time and deadlines are only a few of those challenges.

As a test management solution, PractiTest aims to make the work of the QA managers and team leads not just easier but mainly more efficient, precise, and valuable. Today, teams are using more and more tools. Testing is done in different ways - manual, automation, etc., the team itself is sometimes divided into different countries or areas and the entire process can become scattered. In order to control the process and the team’s work under these conditions, a manager needs full clear visibility of what is going on. PractiTest integrates with other tools you work with and acts as a hub for all the information coming from multiple systems. This means you have one centralized place to view and manage all your testing efforts - Manual testing, automation testing, bug tracking, etc. With this real-time data, you can customize and create dashboards and reports and keep all stakeholders aligned. Based on your custom fields and filters, you will be able to view and present only the things you are looking for and base your decisions on the most relevant and accurate information.

  • View and manage all your testing efforts in one centralized place
  • Slice and dice your data to get meaningful insights and smart decisions
  • Schedule customized reports for different stakeholders
  • Manage tasks in a kanban-like Task Board
  • Customize permissions to different members of the team
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Release the best software on time

When holding a director, VP, or C-level position, testing becomes much more than the actual tests; it is an enabler for business goals. This is why you must be aware of the QA status on a high-level at all times.

Being an end-to-end QA management solution, with integrations to all bug trackers, automation, and CI/CD tools, PractiTest visualizes cross-platform real-time information in a clear way. This gives you the ability to make smart and fast decisions and to ensure your releases are the best possible. PractiTest lets you view the testing progress, but also manage the entire team and process - customize the workflow, communicate better with your team and prioritize.

  • Control all testing activities in one place
  • Visualize the relevant data to make informed decisions
  • Reduce time to market with advanced functionalities
  • Deliver better software, on time
Release best software on time
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Manage internal software and ERP testing in enterprise organization

Software is at the core of every company/organization, serving a cause or a purpose. IT teams must be assured all software is working properly and company/business requirements are met and must use a trustworthy Enterprise testing tool.

At the heart of every large organization, you can find software that serves purposes that are crucial to the company’s function. Whether it is ERP, CRM, OS, or any other software - each implementation must be carefully tested so all processes that rely on the software will keep delivering and as important - will help the business reach its goals. PractiTest is a SaaS QA test management solution that gives you control of the entire lifecycle of software implementation and development. It integrates with all the tools you are used to working with and it acts as a hub for all testing efforts (manual, automated, exploratory, etc). It has a straightforward structure making it easy for non-testers to work their way in the software and deliver their assignments. Having multiple ways to organize and present the testing data, makes the communication with other company divisions easier and more fluent.

  • Manage all ERP Testing
  • Integrate the system with all your current tools for a holistic solution
  • Gain an end-to-end view and control of your process
  • Communicate better with your team
  • Share your results clearly and easily
  • Work according to business requirements and stay ahead of your assignments with traceability
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Manage internal software implementation in enterprise organization
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