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In order to lead in the technology industry, we have to stay ahead of the game, always and with full confidence.
See below how PractiTest can help you do exactly that:

one roof for all testing efforts

PractiTest is a hub for all information coming from all testing tools. Using integrations with bug trackers such as Jira, keeps the systems in sync and lets you work in a centralized place. Integrating with automation can be done via REST API and PractiTest displays all results of both manual and automated tests for a full view of the testing efforts. PractiTest integrates with collaboration and functional tools like Slack and Zapier for better and smoother work.

“The integration with different tools and reporting capabilities put it (PractiTest) at the top of our list for Test Case Management systems”

Jacqueline Horsley, Blackboard
PractiTest Integrations
increased efficiency

PractiTest releases you from the repetitive time consuming work you’ve been doing till now. In PractiTest you write your test once, store it in the test library, and reuse it as many times as you want with different Test Sets. When you want to test the same thing multiple times with different variables, the Permutations feature creates all the combinations you want for you. Defining Parameters in your tests let’s you change them easily every time you run them. Calling test steps from one test to the other not only saves time, but if used together with step parameters, it can increase efficiency and streamline tester’s work.

“We can definitely say that PractiTest has improved our QA team work and made it more effective and well documented. All QA engineers have easy access to previous test sets and to test library.”

Sagit Efrati, Nextnine
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Test Set Screen

Keeping track and knowing what is going on with your tests becomes easy using PractiTest. With traceability, you can link tests to requirements to issues. This lets you track entities for full QA coverage.
With the advanced reports and customizable dashboards, you can always know what is going on with your team, who is handling what, and where you stand in real-time! You can extract the exact data you are interested in and reflect the relevant information to different stakeholders. You are in control!

“PractiTest’s greatest benefit in my mind is the transparency of the QA process that now exists in the organization.”

Udi Vered, Zerto
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PractiTest Dashboard

Fast delivery and saving time are of the essence when working in a software/tech company.
With PractiTest you can save between 40% to 60% of the time spent on creating test cycles and reusing them*. You can gather information and generate graphic-based reports and dashboards up to 70% faster, and save tens of hours per cycle by automatically reporting results from automated test runs via the API. When reporting an issue, the steps to reproduce and most of the information is automatically prepopulated in the issues reported from test cases, saving between 1 and 3 minutes per new issue reported!
* based on clients’ survey

“It's much easier to follow different issues in the project, all the way to successful delivery.”

Ori Gal, Senior QA Engineer at Israel Rail Company
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