Nextnine Case Study

Nextnine is a leading provider of top-down OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. Empowering industrial organizations to benefit from integrated OT/IT operations while minimizing security vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

Nextnine main challenge was to efficiently handle a huge amount of regression tests. They were working with HP Quality Center before they started using PractiTest, and they were looking for a tool in which they will be able to run regression tests faster, and without cloning test data. Their criteria for a test management tool included, cloud based, fully ALM, has a convenient UI, can integrate with Jira and Automation tools, has the ability to clone test cases and edit tests during test runs.

“Our greatest challenge is dealing with many Regression tests, and in Quality Center - we used to duplicate all the tests between versions, which was a huge waste of storage”.

The Solution

After the process of reviewing 5 different tools, Nextnine QA team manager decided on PractiTest. She decided to choose PractiTest because the system matched the QA team’s criteria for a test management tool, and it offered a perfect solution for their regression tests challenge. In addition to the efficiency she found in PractiTest, QA manager Sagit Efrati was also very satisfied with PractiTest customer success team which she found extremely helpful

The PractiTest Benefits

According to Nextnine QA manager, PraciTest’s main benefits include the ease of use and operation, and fast workflow. They were also able to get much more value from the documentation of their QA process using PractiTest and the way the documentation was presented.

When Sagit was asked about the benefits PractiTest has for their QA process she said: “We can definitely say that it has improved our QA team work and made it more effectively and well documented. All QA engineers have an easy access to previous test sets and to test library.”

Talking about PractiTest’s customer success team she said: “Eventually there is a team behind the tool! And we love working with PractiTest! The Customer Success team really want our success, and they’ve helped us with planning and building everything until everything worked!”

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