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PractiTest is the most flexible and innovative test management tools available

Customization icon Customization. The ultimate flexibility to support your testing methodology
Reporting icon Dashboards and Reports. Generate full visibility to every aspect of your product testing.
Integrations icon Integrations. Seamlessly connect any existing tool or system.

Integrate with the tools you already
work with!

Issue tracking, Automation tools, Frameworks, API for the REST

and many more...

The Professional Way to Test Management

Advanced search capabilities
Filter relevant tests
Avoid duplications
Batch edit to improve efficiency

Custom Fields

Create and customize the fields in each module: Requirements, Test Library, Test Sets, Instances and Issues to fit your process.

Custom filters

Create Filter Trees to organize your data and easily find Requirements, Tests and Issues.

External Dashboards

Share selected dashboards with external users or embed them anywhere to display your project progress status.

Advanced Search

Find anything you are looking for within a project using PractiTest advanced search.

Traceability links

The Traceability tab allows you to view and manage linked Requirements, Tests, Runs and Issues.

Linked Lists

Create linked lists to display the relevant values based on the values of their parent list. For example, browsers that belong to specific OS.

Custom filters faceted search traceability links Linked fields

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"One of the advantages of Practitest is it’s customer service: It is simply excellent.”
“Our offshore testers are now also deploying PractiTest. We all agree about its ease of use, search capabilities and useful views.”
"Practitest provides the fluency and visibility needed to manage complex multi-platform testing”
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Test Library

General Overview Managing and running tests is the core of your testing process. It is important that your tests are properly organized and defined, in order to perform your job...


Search Options

  PractiTest search option allows you to find information fast and easily. You can use few or some special characters to narrow down your search: ” – Search for the...


Activity Web Hooks

Activity Web Hooks Use Activity Web Hooks to receive details about your project activities to the URL you specify, as JSON POST requests. Project activities include: Test Runs When a...

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