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Gain end-to-end visibility with the flexible test management tool that runs the way you do


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Can your test case management tool do all this?

Plan Manage Control Track Report Share

Capture complete visibility

Monitor your entire testing process and see test execution in real time.

Gain transparency into progress with customizable dashboards, and advanced reporting.

Maintain seamless control

Easily connect your existing tools and workflow for complete clarity and organization.

Manage all kinds of tests and oversee issues in one centralized place.

Shorten processes and save time

Set up reusable tests, test steps or cycles, then refine them before, during, or after execution.

Better yet? Add parameters or permutations to run those instant tests with different configurations.

“PractiTest enables us to concentrate on testing rather than reporting. It’s quick and easy to create test sets, and the flexibility around custom fields and filters is great.”

– David Carter, Test Analyst, Bristol Energy

14 day free trial, no CC required

For 13 years, 20,451 users in 54 countries have been managing all their testing with PractiTest test case management

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Experience transparent
test case management – on your terms

Because you deserve better functionality than spreadsheet cells

Integrate existing tools for seamless tracking


“Very user friendly, extremely flexible test management software – and the integrations are seamless.”

– Elad Binyamini, VP QA, Kaltura

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PractiTest Test management dashboards on a computer screen

Adapt everything for increased productivity

“PractiTest is solid enough to support multiple testing environments and complex scenarios, yet is very intuitive for everyday use.”

– Ophir Amitai, QA Manager, Delek Corp

Document everything for complete visibility


“PractiTest provides the fluency and visibility we need to manage complex multi-platform testing. Organizing the work of our Scrum process allows us to keep up with our fast pace product releases.”

– David Elimelech, Director of QA, Aternity

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Avoid crises with responsive, 24-hour support


PractiTest’s support team is amazing. They always respond quickly, and we’ve had a number of really productive face-to-face sessions.

– Neil Younger, Head of Software Testing and Quality, DisplayLink


14 day free trial, no CC required

You know how to test
we’ll help you do it better

How long does it take to set up PractiTest for my team?

Set yourself up for success and book a 30-minute demo that will help you organize your tests according to your workflow. Allow another 60 seconds to import scenarios into PractiTest, and about an hour to integrate your bug tracker.

Want to delegate migration?
Talk to us about our Getting Started services – we can provide more detailed customization guidance, data import support, and methodology consulting.

“The onboarding process with PractiTest has been far above anything I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for all the support!”

– Aileen Harris, Quality Assurance Engineer, JobNimbus

What if I’m already using a different test case management tool?

Easily import requirements, tests, and issues from Google Drive or Excel or use our API to import test sets from other test management tools.

Want to delegate migration?
Talk to us about our Getting Started services – we can provide customization guidance, data import support, and methodology consulting.


“You will find no other test management tool that is so easy to run, so affordable, and which has a support team that is in the league of their own. There is so much to love and appreciate about PractiTest – once you sign up, you’ll never look back!

Emina Ramic, Test Manager at St. John of God Healthcare

We follow a very specific process for test case management. Can you support that?

As many iterations as we’ve seen in the past decade, we still understand that you have your own unique workflow.

With PractiTest, you can customize everything from organization, to reporting, to tracking – so your team is set up for maximum efficiency.

“With the help of PractiTest’s customizations, we were able to define new issue types and better cluster the information, allowing us to filter out data and generate more accurate and detailed reports. We recommended PractiTest within our organization to be used in further projects.”

– Hein Eltink, Test Coordinator, MOFA

I’m putting together a shortlist of the best test case development tools – how can I convince my manager to go with PractiTest?

20,451+ companies are saving time and energy with PractiTest – and your organization can too. For best results, pitch your manager following the steps in this downloadable PDF.

Take advantage of our hands-on support and schedule additional demos for your manager or team too – we’ll focus on solving for concerns or unique needs.


“The greatest benefit we’ve seen with PractiTest is the transparency of the QA process that now exists in our organization. PractiTest was the solution to our greatest challenge.

– Udi Vered, Director of QA, Zerto

What integrations do you support? Do you integrate with Jira?

We integrate with Jira and with dozens of other tools. View the full list of available integrations here, and keep in mind that we can likely provide a custom API solution as well.

“The customization and integration capabilities that PractiTest affords are stellar and nearly all-encompassing.”

– John Crawford, Test Engineer, DeveloperTown

Is PractiTest a cloud-based test management tool only?

We’ve heard from testers time and again: “Maintaining on-prem software is distracting and limiting.”

Scheduled maintenance, server downtime, routine backups – they all take away your focus and efficiency. And inhibit you from growing a global team.

We don’t want any of that for you. So we got rid of cumbersome servers and offer cloud-based access only.

Why might your boss insist on using the company servers? Because he’s concerned about security.

But security is a non-issue with PractiTest – because we maintain not one, but two, of the strictest security compliance verifications: SOC 2 Type 2 (audited by E&Y) and ISO27001.

Unless you’re the CIA, we’re secure enough for your privacy needs. Just ask the many banks and insurance companies who trust us with their confidential-heavy data.


“Working and communicating under one virtual house has made our team effort smoother and more valuable. The team’s communication established a better process which has improved business development and human relations.”

– Sari Talin, Head of QA, Nets

How does pricing work?

With PractiTest, you never pay for anything you aren’t using.
Give testers full access when they need it, or remove developers when you don’t need the full team on board.

And when working with integrations, licenses are only required for users who need to access PractiTest, not for all users of the external tool.

“We found PractiTest to have some of the most robust features at a bargain of a price: Highly customizable, robust reporting, awesome features – all with a user friendly UI.”

– Syed Abbas, QA Engineer, Roblox

More questions?

Set up a 1:1 demo to address your team’s unique needs.

Better organized and communicative QA management means a better experience for the end user down the line as well – and it shows. We are undoubtedly releasing better quality products into production.

– David Carter, Test Analyst, Bristol Energy