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In order to lead in the insurance and finance industry, we have to embrace the digital transformation and make sure all of our work is done securely. This is how PractiTest can help you do exactly that:


When managing multiple IT teams in a large organization, communication can become a real challenge. Teams may use different tools, have different levels of knowledge, and even have different locations around the world. This calls for one easy-to-use centralized solution. PractiTest is a SaaS solution where team members can update their work in real-time. PractiTest allows you to create different permissions to different team members easily, yet still have across-the-board control and visibility. The GUI makes the platform accessible to all levels of users and there are numerous documentation items and videos available to help onboard new users. The integration capabilities of PractiTest make the work of the entire team seamless and more efficient.

“Working and communicating under one virtual house, has made our team effort smoother and more valuable. The team’s communication established a better process, business, development and human relations!”

Sari Talin, Head of Quality Assurance, IT Merchant Services, Nets
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PractiTest Dashboard

PractiTest is the most secure QA system in the market. Our client’s safety and confidence are a top priority and so we employ multiple technologies for threat detection and prevention, to make sure your data will always be safe and available to you. Furthermore, our solution complies with the strictest security standards in the industry making us the only SaaS test management you can fully trust.

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PractiTest is a hub for all information coming from all testing tools. Using integrations with bug trackers (such as Jira, Bugzilla, Azure-DevOps) keeps the systems in sync and lets you work in one centralized place. All automation tools can integrate with PractiTest via the REST API. Results of both manual and automated tests are displayed in the PractiTest dashboards module and reports for a full view of the testing efforts.

“PractiTest is SaaS, very user friendly, extremely flexible, and their integrations (with Jira and Confluence) are simply great!”

Elad Binyamin, VP QA, leading Quality Assurance & automation, Kaltura
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PractiTest Integrations

Being both SaaS and customizable, PractiTest supports different methodologies and helps the user create a workflow that suits his current needs without losing structure and focus. Moving away from old concepts, PractiTest helps you work “real-time” and always know where things stand. Having top-notch inline support and relevant documentation help get users on-board. PractiTest enables quick work on multiple platforms/devices/browsers etc. such as TestSet, Permutations, Call to tests and Step parameters. This lets you test as many devices as the market requires without any repetitive work.

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