Kyash Case Study

Kyash is a Tokyo-based FinTech company that offers a full suite of financial services for consumers. Kyash banking app has mobile-first banking features such as online and offline payment, P2P transfer, PFM (portfolio management), BNPL (buy now, pay later). In addition, Kyash, the issuer of Visa cards, provides flexibility by issuing virtual and physical debit cards. Kyash currently focuses on the Japanese domestic market, which is the third-largest economy globally.

The Challenge

The QA team at Kyash used to create and manage their testing using a single Google spreadsheet. As a result, their testing process impeded productivity simply because their tool wasn't up to the task. The team had trouble achieving full traceability of their testing processes and aligning their testing operation with Kyash’s management business goals. Moreover, using a Google Sheet, teams spent valuable time doing repetitive work; they couldn't customize the spreadsheet in order to visualize, prioritize and focus on their acute problems. On top of all other challenges, since Kyash platform orchestrates payments and personal banking information, and credit card information, Kyash is a highly security-oriented company and any solution would have to comply with its strict security requirements.

The Solution

After considering an alternative, Kyash decided to choose PractiTest as their test management platform. Kyash noticed PractiTest’s intuitive UI, and the added benefit of reducing the commonly experienced stress and hurdles caused by introducing a new tool to a team. PractiTest has allowed a smooth and effective adaptation. PractiTest also answers Kyash's need to maintain a more organized work process and ensure the entire app testing cycle is covered without missing important steps along the way. Kyash mentions the ability to visualize the test implementation status in graphs as a great benefit. This makes the test progress more approachable and accessible for management to fully grasp their current situation, and allows them to make more informed, data-based decisions.

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