Orchestrate Automated and Manual Testing

Gain better value and control, improve visibility, and increase effectiveness by centralizing all testing efforts

In many organizations, testing is split: Automation testing is still disconnected from manual testing, and results are reported separately. This makes holistic decision-making, based on the overall testing, close to impossible.

Running and managing both your manual and automated tests in PractiTest ensures the coverage of your entire process and gives you a holistic view of your entire QA operation. PractiTest is a centralized solution that helps you make data-driven decisions, focus your team’s efforts and improve your process.

In many organizations, there are multiple automation tools that are in use for different aspects of testing. PractiTest’s tool agnostic approach lets you integrate your automated results in multiple ways no matter which tools you are using:

  • API - a well-documented REST API to integrate results from any automation tool or framework, regardless of its type or brand.
  • FireCracker - a unique tool to parse, modify, and integrate the results of CI/CD tools and Unit Testing without adding anything to your code.

PractiTest also lets you trigger automated tests from within the system with an internal automation framework:

  • xBot - schedule and execute automated tests from PractiTest and get back results.

Read More about Automation possibilities in PractiTest here.

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PractiTest dashboards and reports extract valuable information from your automation results that goes above and beyond what you can get from other tools:

  • Time-progress graphs will allow you to track ​​execution progress, test run time and other elements to optimize your automation.
  • Tabular reports based on aggregative data can help you reveal problematic areas and improve your process.
  • And more
graph and report for automation