Test Automation Management

The only ALM that lets you manage Scripted, Exploratory, and Automated testing
-all in one place.

In many organizations, testing is split: Automation testing is still disconnected from manual testing, and results are reported separately. This makes holistic decision making, based on the overall testing, close to impossible.

PractiTest lets you combine all testing types in an integral way - from test creation to smart visualization of any test element, PractiTest covers your entire process and generates visibility of your overall testing.

When creating a new test, you can choose between scripted test with steps, exploratory test with charter and annotation or automated test.
Automated test can be one of the following tests:

API - a test that will receive results through the REST API from any automation tool or framework, regardless of its type or brand.
FireCracker - a unique tool to import the results of any SureFire based XML report (like n-unite or j unit) automatically!
xBot - an internal automation framework to schedule and execute automation tests.

Read More about Automation possibilities in PractiTest here.

Test types in PractiTest

When running your tests, you can add any test from any type to a TestSet. Each test will have his type attribution to have a clear view of the status of your tests.

Automated Test Instances

All tests will report back to PractiTest giving you the ability to visualise your entire QA process in a dynamic way using customizable dashboards and advanced reports.

Computer dashboard