FireCracker - Unit Testing and CI/CD Integration

Gain holistic valuable insights by integrating your Unit Testing and CI/CD tool results into PractiTest and bringing your entire QA operation into one shared space.

Test management for Unit Testing and CI/CD results

Leverage your testing results and get better insights of your automation and your entire QA operation with PractiTest FireCracker.

FireCracker allows you to parse, modify and report your Unit testing and CI/CD tool results automatically to PractiTest without adding API calls in your code. This way you can manage and create comprehensive dashboards and reports for all your testing results.

FireCracker diagram
Get comprehensive insights without touching your code

Unit Testing and CI/CD tools reports usually provide incomplete visibility and remain on the Pass/Fail level.

With PractiTest FireCracker you can generate extensive dashboards and reports to track ​​execution progress, test run time, and more, without the overhead and interference of adding API calls to your code.

FireCracker automatically parses and modifies your Unit testing and CI/CD test results and imports them to PractiTest.
FireCracker has an easy-to-use UI where you can define the import parameters once, and continue updating PractiTest automatically in future runs.

Define once, Report automatically
  1. With FireCracker friendly UI, you can create a JSON file that will parse, map and modify your XML test results to PractiTest
  2. Run the PractiTest FiraCracker jar file together with your XML test results and the JSON file you configured
  3. Automate this process to keep updating FireCracker with every new XML test result file and get real-time information from all your testing in PractiTest
Visualize all your data to extract valuable actionable insights

PractiTest is an end-to-end test management platform, where you can connect teams, bridge silos, unify communication, and enable one source of truth across your organization.

With FireCracker you can easily report your CI/CD and unit testing results into PractiTest and extract valuable insights from your entire QA organization, so you can release better products, faster.

PractiTest dashboard
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A centralized hub for all your testing data


PractiTest is an end-to-end QA management platform where you can run, manage and visualize all your testing data.

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Integrate your CI/CD, Unit Testing and any other XML Test results


FireCracker parses and modifies any XML test result and reports it directly to PractiTest test management for full visibility and control.

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Receive and modify XML test automation results without touching your code


Adding API calls requires a lot of work that might not fit to your organizational workflow and priorities. With FireCracker your can report all your XML test results directly to PractiTest without touching your code.

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Get live updates from your CI/CD tool straight to PractiTest


Automate your FireCracker process and keep PractiTest up to date with your latest XML results to always know the actual status of your testing operation.

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Improve decision making and communicate better


Visualize all your testing data using graphs and reports and present real-time end-to-end testing data to your supervisors to align all aspects of your testing efforts to business goals.