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In order to lead in the retail industry, we have to adapt to the digital change and make sure our process works seamlessly. Here are a few features that can help you do exactly that:


PractiTest helps retailers keep up and stay ahead of current trends. It has features supporting quick work on multiple platforms/devices/browsers etc. such as Test Set, Permutations, Call To Test, and Step parameters. This let’s you test as many devices as the market requires. Being a SaaS tool means everything happens in real time and every requirement or issue can be met or fixed on the spot. PractiTest is very customizable and supports different methodologies to help the organizations create a workflow that suits their product current needs without losing structure and focus. Moving away from old concepts, PractiTest helps you work “live” and always stay in control. Having a clear GUI and relevant documentation, helps getting new users on-board.

“The benefits of Practitest are immense and I do see the same extending to the the success of our ERP implementation”

Dan Lui, Director of Business Applications, Famous Smoke
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Digital transformation

With PractiTest you can be sure your entire process is covered. Having an end-to-end tool, that functions as a window to your entire testing efforts gives our clients the piece of mind that most QA professionals look for. Being able to convey the process to the different stakeholders assures everyone is inline and up to date. Working real-time helps users track the progress and see where things stand.

“Undoubtedly releasing better quality products into production. Better organized and communicative QA management, means a better experience for the end user down the line as well, and it shows.”

QA Engineer Syed Abbas, Roblox
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PractiTest Dashboard

The QA world is constantly transforming. Most tools define a set of rules for usage that cannot be changed easily. PractiTest fits itself to the organization‘s process and not the other way around. The flexibility of the tool is immense and every client can work the system in the way that suits him. Custom fields and filter trees help users define the way they organize data. Customizable issue workflow defines the roles and capabilities of team members and makes the process clear. Customizable dashboards items and multiple report options let you watch and present the exact data you want in real time. Defining permissions and groups for each project gives you control and lets you decide the roles and responsibilities of the team.

“With the help of PractiTest’s customizations we were able to define new issue types and better cluster the information, allowing us to filter out data and generate more accurate and detailed reports. We recommended PractiTest within our Organization to be used in further projects.””

Hein Eltink, test coordinator, MOFA

Many times in the retail industry, the testing is performed by end users (cashiers, end customers etc.). This calls for a professional software that is easy to use also by non professionals. PractiTest flow and UX/UI, were built to serve not only the experienced professional but also the new tester. The system flow is intuitive and customizable. When encountering an issue, you can easily find a solution either in the documentation, the Youtube help films or by approaching the support team.

“If you want to have a fast learned and easy to use tool for your testing management solution, go for PractiTest. There is no flourish, you’ll go to the point”

David Fonteyn, Test Manager at EMAsphere
Test Set Screen