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We understand the importance of security, privacy and reliability of your information.
Our platform was designed to make sure only you and your users can access your information, and we work with the best partners in the business to make sure our system is always available and accessible from anywhere in the world.

PT Security

SSL Encrypted Connection

SSL Encrypted Connection
Access your projects using a secured connection, and be sure that no one can tap into your information while it’s being transferred over the web.



Security Centric Architecture and Design

PractiTest is designed and built with all the security considerations in mind, and so only your users will be able to access your data.
With the groups and permissions functionality you can also control who has access to what parts of the system and to do what operations.

Enterprise Level Hosting

We partner with some of the most serious vendors in the world to ensure our system will be up and always accessible from everywhere in the world.

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Regular backups

PractiTest is backed up multiple times a day with the information being stored on geographically separated locations for better security.

Want more information

Download PractiTest Security Overview, with information on the measures we have in place to assure your project – security.


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