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  • Manage all your manual, exploratory, BDD and automated tests in one shared platform to make data-driven decisions and accelerate work
  • Integrate any tool you work with to unify your workflow
  • Connect any automation tool using the REST API, FireCracker or our internal framework - xBot
  • Manage all QA artifacts - Requirements, Tests, TestSets, Runs, and Issues, in one place to ensure full coverage and traceability


  • Get a high-level overview or drilled-down details of your QA process with PractiTest dashboards and reports
  • Organize your data dynamically based on any criteria and view it according to your needs. Learn about Hierarchical Filter Trees
  • Customize your dashboard and reports to present the exact data relevant to you
  • Share live dashboards by embedding them into external systems like Wikis, Confluence, or web portals
  • Run custom reports per day, week, or month, and work on historic data months after test run execution


  • Import, create, manage and optimize tests in the Test Library
  • Run and reuse tests as instances in Test Sets & Runs
  • Eliminate repetitive work with Test Parameters, Test Set Permutations and Call-to-Test
  • Automatically create issues from runs based on information detected by testers and save time with our anti-duplicate bug mechanism
  • Manage testing artifacts as tasks using the TaskBoard
  • Optimize your testing operation with the AI-powered Test Value Score


  • PractiTest has everything you need to work your way: Unlimited fields across the platform, dynamic grid views based on filters and fields, endless dashboard graphs options and more
  • Customize PraciTest to best suit your QA operation regardless of your testing methodology; Waterfall, Agile or DevOps
  • Define notifications, permissions, workflow and more to tailor PractiTest to your needs
Test Sets


  • Rest assured your data is safe: PractiTest is the most secured SaaS test management platform in the market with SOC Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliance
  • Keep your QA organization safe using authentication methods like SSO or MFA

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