All-in-One Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solution

Add PractiTest cloud-based end-to-end ALM solution to your workflow and streamline your process


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Align testing to your business goals

From requirements through tests to issue management, PractiTest lets you track, trace and visualize every aspect of your application process
  • Cover requirements, tests and issues internally, and integrate them to any other tool to cover your entire application lifecycle process
  • Use traceability between all entities, to connect requirements and business goals with your development process
  • Visualize any aspect of your application lifecycle in multiple dynamic ways using dashboards and reports
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Assure full quality coverage

Manage manual, exploratory and automated testing all in one centralized hub of information
  • Create any kind of test you would like - scripted, exploratory or automated
  • Integrate your automation with PractiTest using REST API, Firecracker or xBot
  • Get all your results in one place and make wiser decisions based on them
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Save time for better ROI

Use a test case management that lets you write your test cases once, and use them again and again
  • Reuse tests and correlate results across different releases and products
  • Save time by reusing tests - Call one test into another. Use step parameters to run the same test with different variables
  • Use Test Set permutation for instant tests suites with different variables
  • Create, organize, manage and run any sort of test:
    Launch automation - run automated tests from within the system or integrate automation results automatically
    Create & run scripted tests - report bugs directly from your runs. Refine steps or cycles before or during execution
    Create & run Exploratory tests - define charters and document different kinds of annotations
TestSets and Runs

Ensure your teams’ focus

Define goals and objectives and keep track of their fulfilment with requirement management
  • Align all team members with the project’s objectives and goals by defining requirements and user stories
  • Link your requirements to tests in order to assure full coverage
  • Trace your requirements and user stories to tests and issues to achieve better visibility into the status of your project
Requirements Management

Confidently release or update products

Monitor each phase in the testing process and see real-time progress with issue status management
  • Internal Issue management and built-in 2-way integration with leading bug tracking solutions such as Jira, Azure DevOps, Pivotal Tracker, YouTrack, CA Rally, and others
  • Keep track of all issues with traceability and personal assignments
  • Reduce redundant work with auto-population of run steps into the issue description
  • Automatically create bugs based on information detected by testers – directly from test runs – and save time with our anti-duplicate bug mechanism
  • Receive and share updates via your inbox - Streamline your workflow with notifications on issue status changes and record issues by simply emailing the system

Find what you need and execute easily

Work more efficiently by matching PractiTest elements to your workflow with smart and easy data structuring
  • Organize test suites according to your custom cycles and sprints with our unique filter tree system
  • Simultaneously structure your data based on different criteria, like components, versions, or types
  • Configure your own flow with unlimited fields for all entities – like requirements, tests, or issues with PractiTest application lifecycle management solution
  • Customize your dashboard to view the tests, statuses, and reports that deserve your attention
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Keep everyone informed with what matters to them

Showcase your team’s efforts and increase your perceived value with advanced reporting and customizable dashboards
  • Visualize your scripted, exploratory and automated testing results in one place and manage them seamlessly
  • Enable clear and relevant visibility to each stakeholder with customised reports and dashboards based on the exact data they care about
  • Embed your live dashboards into external systems like Wikis, Confluence, or web portals
  • Run custom reports per day, week, or month
  • Pull and work on data history months after test run execution
  • Export your information to statistical and reporting engines for further processing

Gain end-to-end efficiency for your entire team

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