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Powerful Test Management

Professional end to end QA management for your manual and automation testing.

  • Create your manual tests and organize them based on cycles, sprints, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate your manual testing with your automation and CI processes.
  • Reuse tests and correlate results across different releases and products.
  • Release your products with confidence and control.
Case study Zerto logo grey
Case study Zerto logo grey

Case Study:

“PractiTest’s greatest benefit in my mind is the transparency of the QA process that now exists in the organization. This was also the solution to our greatest challenge. Moreover, it gives the ability to quickly and easily manage all my tests and their history in a single place." (Udi Vered, Director of QA)

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Reporting and Dashboards

Ensure visibility into your project with great fully customisable dashboards and professional reports.

  • Automatically generate professional dashboards and reports to share with all your stakeholders.
  • Embed your live dashboards into external systems such as wikis, confluence or web portals.
  • Export your information to be processed by additional comprehensive statistical and reporting engines.
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Capture and Organize your Requirements.

  • Requirements and user stories align everyone with the objectives and goals of your project, from product owners and managers to developers and testers on your team.
  • With PractiTest you can link your requirements to tests in order to achive better visibility into the status of your project.
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Issue and Bug Tracking

Manage bugs within PractiTest, or integrate your existing bug tracker into the process.

  • Manage your bugs and issues within PractiTest, or integrate external bug tracking systems like Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine, etc.  Consolidate your process with the help of our 2-way integrations.
  • Create bugs directly from your test runs based on the information detected by your testers.  
  • Record bugs and issues in PractiTest by simply e-mailing the system
  • Organize your bugs seamlessly with the help of our advanced filters, stop duplicated bugs before they are reported, get notified by the changes in your issues, etc.
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Icon- Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Improve your QA coverage by adding session based testing to your testing efforts

  • Keep track of the intuitive testing trend using the exploratory testing feature in PractiTest
  • Define charters, document different kinds of annotations and report bugs directly from your runs
  • review your ET sessions with colleagues in order to gather feedback
DisplayLink Exploratory Testing
DisplayLink Exploratory Testing

Case Study:

We have been working with ET in PractiTest for a while now and... Basically, when I asked my Testers questions about this feature, the answer was simple – “It is brilliant!”

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Exploratory testing
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Smart Filters

Organize your work with Smart Filters.

  • Organize your tests, issues, and requirements based on different criteria simultaneously- Components, Versions, types or any other criteria you choose.
  • Help your team work more efficiently without losing track of critical information.
  • Promptly identify and eliminate duplicate bugs.
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Customize PractiTest to fit your Process and Needs Fast and Easy!

  • Easily customize your projects without writing a single line of code.
  • Each entity (Requirement, Test or Issue) can be customized to include an unlimited number of fields.
  • Organize users in groups and define permissions and access rights for each project.
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Time Management

Plan your testing assignments better with our Time Management feature.

  • More control and visibility into your team’s work.
  • Better testing cycle planning and assignment using accurate time management.
  • Track duration of test runs,compare it to estimates, and make corrections online
  • Gather information on the average time a test takes to run
  • Report time metrics and embed it at any external dashboard.

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