ClickUp Integration

Ensure seamless control over your entire process and improve your team's efficiency with the PractiTest & ClickUp integration

The PractiTest and ClickUp integration allows you to:

  • Report issues from PractiTest directly to a ClickUp task saving you the time of manually updating ClickUp
  • Get real-time updates from ClickUp to PractiTest. The reported issue stays synced, and ClickUp keeps updating PractiTest with changes to this issue
  • Start working with the integration straight away. With an easy and quick setup, you can associate your Practitest project to your ClickUp spaces in no time
clickup practitest integraton

Easily report tasks in ClickUp from your PractiTest test runs:

  • Run your test in PractiTest as usual
  • When you encounter an issue, press the “Fail & Issue” button
  • Choose the Space and the List you want to report this task to
  • All your testing steps and information is reported automatically. You can edit this information and press “Create the Task” And, You are done!
report to azure devops

With the real-time ClickUp information updated in PractiTest, you get a single point of view of your entire process - from requirements, through tests, to issues and tasks. Dynamic dashboards and advanced reports let you visualize your entire QA operation, making this integration valuable to you and the rest of the stakeholders.

Requirements traceability report

PractiTest is an end-to-end QA management solution where you and your team can manage, control, track, document, and optimize all your QA efforts in real-time.
With the PractiTest and ClickUp integration, you can get the best of both systems by working in one centralized environment that provides you with all the data you need from both systems.
PractiTest gives you complete visibility and full control of all your testing efforts. Improve your team’s efficiency and productivity with PractiTest reusable tests. Create your tests once, and use them multiple times based on your features, versions, cycles, and sprints too. No matter what your methodology is, by using PractiTest, you shorten your time to market and improve your ROI.

PractiTest dashboard
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Issues integration


Report issues from PractiTest test runs to ClickUp and keep receiving updates from ClickUp to PractiTest on the reported issues, for full traceability and end-to-end issues management. Manage ALL your issues in PractiTest for full visibility and control.

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Seamless workflow


Run your tests in PractiTest and report issues directly from your run to ClickUp, without leaving the system. All your steps data will be automatically populated to the ClickUp task and you can continue your work seamlessly.

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Best in class ClickUp integration


Any change ClickUp users make to a synced issue will automatically be updated in PractiTest giving you real-time knowledge of your issues' status

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Advanced reporting capabilities


With PractiTest advanced reporting capabilities, you can manage, visualize and report the relevant information from both systems in one report.

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Status and Progress dashboard graphs


Track issues status and execution progress with advanced dashboard graphs in PractiTest. Use external dashboards to present the relevant data to relevant stakeholders.