ClickUp Integration

Align your workflow, tools, and teams to a unified end-to-end process with the most advanced 2 way test management integration with ClickUp.

Today, software development and testing have become more collaborative than ever before, with multiple teams involved in the process.
In order to optimize testing efforts, QA testers must be aligned with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders along with their in-use tools.

ClickUp is a collaboration and project management tool used by many development teams and organizations.

Save time and stay on top of all your tasks

The PractiTest - ClickUp integration helps maintain real-time data synchronization between teams.

You can report issues from a PractiTest run directly to a new or existing ClickUp task, rather than manually updating ClickUp, saving critical time.
With this integration, you can also sync an existing ClickUp task as an issue or a requirement in PractiTest, helping you avoid duplicate work and maintain seamless communication between your teams.
You can decide which fields you want to sync, giving you full control over your synced data.

Your synced tasks will stay updated on both sides, giving all stakeholders real-time visibility on the project’s status.

sync options for clickup
Improve your team communication

Ensure seamless communication between QA, development, project management, and any other team. With the PractiTest-ClickUp real-time sync, your teams are always up-to-date with task status and can report to each other easily without leaving their working system.

clickup practitest grids sync
Align your team’s progress to business goals

By enabling seamless communication between your teams, this integration helps project stakeholders focus on the big picture and align their work to business requirements. Keeping the progress inline with corporate goals helps achieve faster and better results.

clickup practitest integraton
View and analyze your entire data using end-to-end visibility

Enable one source of truth across your organization with PractiTest’s QA information hub.

With the real-time ClickUp information updated in PractiTest, you get a single point of view of your entire process - from requirements, through tests, to issues and tasks. Dynamic dashboards and advanced reports let you visualize your entire QA operation and extract actionable insights, making this integration valuable to you and to the rest of the stakeholders.

PractiTest dashboard
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Easy configuration


Start working with the integration straight away. With an easy and quick setup, you can associate your PractiTest project to your ClickUp spaces in no time.

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Issues integration for faster delivery and team alignment


Report issues from PractiTest test runs to ClickUp and keep receiving updates from ClickUp to PractiTest on the reported issues, for full traceability and end-to-end issue management.

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Requirements Integration to align your teams to company goals


Sync your requirement from ClickUp to PractiTest and back to align your entire team to business goals.

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Sync more data


Map fields between PractiTest and ClickUp entities. Changes to these fields’ values on one system will be updated on the other system.

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Seamless workflow and team communication


Allow each team to work with the tools they are already used to and ensure seamless communication between the teams with no additional efforts.

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Advanced reporting capabilities


Manage, visualize, and report the relevant information from both systems in unified reports. Track issue status, execution progress, and more. Present relevant data to relevant stakeholders using external dashboards.