ClickUp Integration – Intro

The integration between PractiTest and ClickUp allows you to report and sync issues from a PractiTest run, directly to a ClickUp task. Information from the run will be automatically populated in the ClickUp task. Changes in linked tasks’ status, description and name will be reflected in PractiTest.

Following are important points to know and to prepare up-front before setting up this integration:

  • The setup needs to be done by PractiTest’s account owner.
  • You will need to get ClickUp’s API TOKEN (we will show you how), and Workspace ID. This should be generated by a user that has access and a permission to create and update entities in all the Spaces you want to integrate with PractiTest. With this token we will be linking between the tasks in ClickUp and the issues in PractiTest, and we will be able to populate new tasks in ClickUp.

Note: ClickUp integration is supported only under PractiTest’s Enterprise and Ultimate licenses

PractiTest account configuration

Start by configuring the integration in the account settings. Go to account settings > Integrations tab (If you are not an account owner, ask your account owner to take the following steps). Press “Create 2 way integration” and choose the ClickUp integration. Press “Create a new ClickUp integration”.


In this window you need to fill in “ClickUp API TOKEN” and “Workspace ID”.


API Token: Go to your ClickUp account. Click on your user icon at the bottom left side and press settings. In settings choose Apps on the left sidebar.
Generate an API token and paste it in the PractiTest window.
Workspace ID: Your Workspace ID will appear in the ClickUp app url right after the ‘/’ as follows:{{WORKSPACE-ID}}
Copy (the number only) and paste it in the PractiTest window.

PractiTest Project Configuration

Go to Project settings > integrations tab > Press ‘Activate’.
If the account settings were configured correctly, you will see the ClickUp integration - press ‘Activate’ inside the clickup box. (If there was an issue with the account settings configuration, the account owner will have a link to complete it.) Choose the Space that by default will appear first in the Spaces list when reporting a task from a PractiTest run to ClickUp. This can be changed when reporting by choosing a different Space from the list. Click ‘Update Issue Integration’.

Use the ClickUp PractiTest integration - report an issue from PractiTest to a ClickUp task

In PractiTest, run your test as usual. When encountering an issue, click the ‘Fail n’ Issue’ button. A pop up window will appear (at the first time you press the fail & issue button after configuring the integration, this might take a few seconds).


In the pop up window:

  • Choose the Space you want to report the task to. By default, the Space you chose when you configured the integration in the project settings, will appear first, but you can change it by choosing a different Space from the drop down list.
  • Choose the list you want the task to be added to in ClickUp.
  • You will see all your run data pre-entered. You can edit the data.
  • In case you added or removed a Space or a list in ClickUp after you configured the PractiTest integration, hit the “Refresh Spaces” Button to sync and view all the new & updated lists and Spaces to PractiTest.

Click ‘create the task in the selected list’.

In your run window and in the issues module you can find the PractiTest issue you just created and inside it a link to the synced ClickUp task you just created.
Any change to the ClickUp task’s name, description and status will be reflected in PractiTest.