Oqton Case Study

Oqton, a Manufacturing OS software company, chose PractiTest to manage their manual and automated tests. This is how they made their entire QA visible and manageable

Oqton is an AI-powered, technology-agnostic cloud-based Manufacturing OS, that helps manufacturers increase innovation and efficiency by intelligently automating production. In combination with Oqton’s specialized applications for reverse engineering, inspection, design, 3D printing, and simulation (including Geomagic, 3DXpert, and Amphyon), manufacturers can connect technologies and machines across multiple sites. We spoke to Jiawei Wang, QA architect in Oqton who is mainly in charge of the automation testing, and with Zoe Yao, QA project lead who takes care of the test process management and is mainly responsible for the manual testing.

The Challenge

Oqton Manufacturing OS is a complicated platform that supports many end-to-end workflows with different settings. As there are more and more features over sprints, the regression testing is a key area to ensure before each release, and automation testing takes an important role during the regression testing. These automation test activities used to be in a black box to people outside of the team. Managing and visualizing the automation test activities was very hard.

The Solution

Oqton pays much attention to quality and keeps improving the testing process and strategy to make it more efficient and reliable. “We need a good way to manage the automation test activities (like progress and results) and get them visible” Says Zoe. Oqton evaluated 4 test management tools and chose PractiTest for several reasons. With PractiTest’s customized filters, test library, test sets and dashboard, Oqton can manage the automation test cases, test runs and monitor the real-time automation test progress efficiently. Another reason Oqton chose PractiTest was the xBot, PractiTest internal automation framework. Since Oqcton has multiple kinds of automation test frameworks, xBot provides a flexible way to integrate with them. “With xBot, we can run our automation tests directly from PractiTest, monitor the test run progress and check the results both in PractiTest.” says Jiawei.

PractiTest Benefit

Using PractiTest made it faster and easier to deliver test results to management and customers. Oqton can now manage all automation test efforts in one place. “PractiTest makes automation test activities manageable and visible to all.” Says Jiawei. “xBot (PractiTest internal automation framework) has been well integrated with our automation test framework and widely used to run our daily automation testing. With the help of PractiTest and its support team, our xBot test cases are run stably via PractiTest and have helped find many high-priority bugs efficiently.”
When a major client of Oqton asked to view Oqton’s testing process and methodology, the team used PractiTest to demonstrate the test automation process. The client was so impressed by the efficiency and visibility given by PractiTest that he increased his business with Oqton.
When asked what he likes most about PractiTest, Jiawei answers “PractiTest is not only a platform that helps improve testing, but also a team that is standing behind to provide support once needed.”

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