LambdaTest Case Study

LambdaTest is a platform for manual and Automated Cross Browser Testing on 2000+ Real Browsers and Operating Systems Online. They chose to manage their internal tests in PractiTest. This is why.

When a testing company, specializing in cross browser and OS automated and manual testing, chooses to work with our test management solution, we know we did something right. We took the opportunity to speak to LambdaTest QA lead Surendra nagaura to understand what were the challenges they were facing and why did they choose to work with PractiTest.

The Challenge

'Before using PractiTest, the team, consisting of 35 testing members, was using Excel to manage their internal test cases.' Says Surendra Nagaura ,QA Lead at Lambdatest.
'Information about testing status was obtained via discussions on Slack and Jira tickets, but as we continue to grow, we needed a more robust solution to enable us to manage all of existing test cases and their automation status. In addition, there was also a need to include manual test cases for automation.'

The Solution

Surendra and his team at Lambdatest, reviewed a few test management tools and chose PractiTest. Surendra points out a few reasons for their decision to choose PractiTest:

  • Ease of Use
    'The first thing that is worth mentioning is how easy it is to use PractiTest to manage testing. For us the system was user friendly, and it enabled our entire team to work and utilize it without having to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.'
  • Integration
    'PractiTest has a 2-way integration with Jira that is important for us and is also integrated with Lambdatest so we can get all the results in one central place.'
  • Combining manual and automated test cases
    'Practitest allowed us to streamline all our test cases and centralize them over a single platform. This in turn helped us map our test cases and automation tests one to one and accelerate our daily runs of sanity and feature test test scripts.
  • Testing Visibility provides great business value
    'PractiTest reporting and dashboard capabilities allowed us to get full visibility about our testing coverage which translates into business value, as we have better confidence in coverage and are able to release faster. The filter approach to organize data allows us to easily find and report exactly what we are looking for and this makes a great advantage as well.'

'Additional supporting elements in our decision making were the fact that PractiTest is SOC2 type ii compliant. Whenever we have any questions, support response time is very fast and professional'

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