PartsSource Case Study

PartsSource is the world’s leading online marketplace for medical technology replacement products and services. We sat with Siva Kopparapu, Director of Quality Assurance at PartsSource, to talk about their testing process and how PractiTest has helped them improve their QA operation.

The Challenge

The PartsSource technology team is global in scope, which includes the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and East Africa. They have team members conducting testing in many different time zones. The team at PartsSource is always looking to leverage technology solutions to evolve their product and services to help deliver and improve customer experience. They must be available 24/7 for their customers.

“It’s important for us to have a testing system that ensures our testing routines and protocols have great precision. We need to guarantee defect-free software releases so our systems are running all the time to best serve our customers.” says Siva.

The Solution

“As a technology company it is crucial to us that we thoroughly test every piece of software that is provided to our customers.”
“We liked PractiTest for its overall functionality, and its Integration with Jira, Selenium, Okta, and Perfecto. It’s customizable and it’s very cost-effective.“ Siva continues: “We perform both web and mobile automation. Automation testing is critical in our testing process. PractiTest has allowed us to develop a centralized platform for testing where all the results filter into one location. This allowed us to analyze our comprehensive results before we release to production.“

Like other teams changing tools, Siva was worried about the implementation of a new tool: “I was really surprised at how quickly my team picked up PractiTest. It was very easy to implement and adopt. My team-members took it very naturally and the learning curve was low. I was surprised at how quickly we changed our processes and how little pushback there was with regards to change management internally. The team just adopted it to it’s current state. Lastly, how fast the implementation process was and how quickly we saw the value of the solution always surprises me.”

We asked Siva to share a story illustrating the value that the team has received from using PractiTest: “Part of our portfolio of applications is a product that is used by multiple different customers. We implemented parameterized testing so we can not only do core testing but also customer-specific testing. The way PractiTest is structured has helped us to do it in a very effective and efficient way.

The PractiTest Benefit

“PractiTest has been a very valuable tool in making sure our processes are not compromised and we continue to grow. Having PractiTest as one system for manual and automation testing is vital for successful software releases.”

When asked what she loves most about PractiTest Siva talks about PractiTest’s extraordinary customer support: “I find PractiTest customer service extremely valuable, the chat functionality is phenomenal. They are always available when needed. PractiTest listens to customer needs. They implemented our suggestions. Recently, we requested a custom function. PractiTest team was extremely responsive and help implement this custom function, design and release it in a timely manner. PartsSource is extremely happy with our partnership with PractiTest. The PractiTest team always goes above and beyond to make sure our team is satisfied with the product.“

According to Siva, The PartsSource team have seen many benefits from partnering with PractiTest. “PractiTest allowed us to grow very quickly, grow in a very controlled manner, and grow without compromising the quality of the software.” She mentions a few more benefits: “Standardization of test cases, reduction of repetitive work, increased efficiency of onboarding new resources, significant time saving of test creation, and many more.“

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