IPS Case Study

IPS is a global product design and development company offering expert product design and engineering services, including IoT and wearable tech solutions.

The Challenge

Previous to using PractiTest, all test management was done using Excel. This became problematic in terms of traceability as the company grew, especially for tracking different versions of test plans and newly found defects. Another challenge they faced was allocating enough time for regression testing cycles.

The Solution

Walter Guerra, the QA tester at IPS, who researched and presented PractiTest to company management, was looking for a solution that could give accurate analytics when it came to defects that were being introduced. They also needed a way to help identify regression issues versus average defects. “I was familiar with the tool [PractiTest] already from using it a few years ago. It was a great tool to help the team get ramped up with, I brought all of the information to my Software Manager and my Director, and they gladly welcomed the idea” he stated.

The PractiTest Benefits

When asked about the immediate benefits PractiTest offers Walter stated: “One of the major benefits with PractiTest is that we are able to get real-time visibility into any issues that come up during QA’s Regression cycles. Being able to convey that to the team as well as get a percentage if you will, also helps when needing to make an argument for how long a QA Regression Cycle takes, especially to our Clients”

He also attests that communication has certainly increased, and the QA team is able to get a glimpse of the issues and what features are typically more buggy, by simply accessing the tool. He concludes: “I think PractiTest certainly plays a role in helping the QA Team encounter more bugs before a product gets into the customers' hands.”

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