How having a central repository gave BioTRUST QA peace of mind

We spoke with Sarah Stehno, a QA Engineer at BioTRUST, an online platform for nutrition products, to understand the needs and challenges they were facing, and how PractiTest improved their software testing process.

Sarah is a part of a QA testing team that is responsible for BioTRUST’s E-commerce store and sales pages. The QA team is performing both manual and automated tests.

The Challenge

Before BioTRUST chose PractiTest, they worked with Excel sheets to control their testing efforts. As time went by, BioTRUST realized they needed a more efficient and organized way to manage and cover their entire testing process.
As they understood the need for a dedicated test management platform, BioTRUST started to search for software from the available options on the market. “We did research and tried free trials of many different tools,” says Sarah.

The Solution

BioTRUST decided to work with PractiTest as their test management platform. “The filtering feature and the ability to add custom fields made the process so much easier to organize, especially since we have a lot of test cases that fall into many different categories” claims Sarah.
In addition, BioTRUST also had another important requirement for their test management system that PractiTest fulfilled “We needed to clone tests across different projects and surprisingly it’s not a common feature among test tools. PractiTest has the details that we need as far as functionality.”

The PractiTest Benefits

PractiTest answered Sarah and her QA team’s needs to work in a more organized way and ensure the entire software testing process is covered without missing important steps along the way. “Because everything is so organized we know exactly what test cases we need to grab so it definitely makes sure we’ve got full coverage.” Sarah also mentioned that working faster has not gone unnoticed. “Our devs definitely noticed we were getting tickets back to them or moving to completed sooner.”
Using PractiTest also made it simpler to continue the work of another QA Team member. “If one person is creating a test set and then we switch roles, it is so easy to come in and continue the work which facilitates the process.”
The integration with Jira was another great benefit since BioTRUST is using it regularly. “We needed the visibility to see the progress of the test cases right from the Jira ticket. We are so much more efficient now and so much faster than before. It creates visibility for stakeholders, devs, product owners, and for us.”
Sarah summarizes her PractiTest experience: “Being able to organize, not having to worry about missing anything or just having a place to put everything as a central repo and knowing that it is all there gives such a great peace of mind. It has been a huge help for us.”

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