How Omniex created a fully tracked ALM in less than 2 months

Omniex is a financial services technology company providing a suite of solutions for the access, trading, and management of crypto and digital assets.

When Jason Smith, Head of QA/Engineering, joined Omniex, there was automated unit testing and system tests, but no QA framework nor testing harnesses and methodology to leverage into a repeatable testing process. Jason and his team built the process from the ground up. Jason owns the entire product QA process including unit testing, integration, regression, acceptance, system wide roll out tests, and CI using Jenkins.

Complete Support in Automation

When looking for a test management solution Jason was looking for a solution that will support automation: “QA is more engineering minded; we want to automate as much as possible, so people need to do as little as possible. With PractiTest I can create self documenting test flows. We have built our entire test workflow and now we have a self documenting testing system: I have a product/feature, a requirement and a test. The system figures out my requirements, checks if my tests are in a TestSet, if not ,adds them or creates a TestSet, runs the tests and updates the instance. It makes sure that if a test fails I get all the information that I need. That is exactly what I need. Information that is easy to get to and can be presented to upper management so they have comprehensive and quantitative evidence supporting any release. My C-level members- They all love it!”

Easy to use API and a superior support

Your API is so easy to use. You have tons of documentation, I love that. And your support - the few times I couldn’t find something I clicked on the blue chat button and someone was there in a few minutes.

Peace of mind and time saving when working with Developers

“One of the nice things about PractiTest in comparison to their competitors, is that it doesn’t require as much as the other tools from the engineers. Engineers don't like changes in the way they work. When we find an issue, they don’t need to login to my test management, I can send the issue straight to them when PractiTest will include all the relevant information about the error and then, everything is updated and we can fix it and link it straight back. Time is very important, and PractiTest helps us manage our time better and save tons of time that would have been wasted by engineers looking for something that might be a 5 minutes fix.”

Simple but intelligent with an amazing price point

Jason shares his feeling that “PractiTest is simple but intelligent to plug into my system. the price tag is great as the system doesn't have all that extra fancy stuff that I don't really need and costs 1000s of dollars.”

Great documentation as an ALM system

Omniex uses PractiTest as an ALM as it provides great documentation and not just a test management system. It links back to GitHub which is the company’s point of truth as an engineering company, so they get complete end to end application lifecycle management documentation into the process and not just the product - We now know what went wrong and what can be improved.

Better traceability and confidence

Being a fin-tech company, there are extra benefits in PractiTest features: “The traceability is great especially for us since we are a financial firm dealing with security and audits such as SOC2. If there will ever be an issue we can go back and prove that we did what needs to be done.”

PractiTest gives us complete visibility so we know what is going on

PractiTest had an immediate impact on Omniex work. “We have a full test strategy. We went from manual-focused testing methodology and no framework, to a full tracked test plan within 60 days. We are currently about 80% there to complete testing coverage for our weekly releases, but thanks to PractiTest we are already tracking what is and isn’t happening so we can identify if we have a process issue or a resource issue. Once the next 20% are done, I will barely need to touch the tool, everything is on schedule and we can watch the world being a better place :)
”Thanks to PractiTest I can track and have a good amount of confidence in the release. I can definitely say we are releasing better products.

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