Import and Export

import export to practitest

Import Entities to PractiTest

You can import Requirements, Issues, Tests, or Steps.
PractiTest supports importing data from XLSX files or Google Sheets.

Table of Content

Importing/Exporting traceability
Importing Requirements and Issues
Importing Tests and Steps
Importing Tests and Steps in one operation
Importing Tests and Steps in two operations
Export information from PractiTest

Importing/Exporting traceability

When exporting entities, the linked entities will be exported as well.
When importing, you can add the value of the linked entities to dedicated columns and keep full traceability throughout your project:

  • Import/Export requirements - linked tests and linked issues
  • Import/Export tests - linked requirements
  • Import/Export issues - linked requirements linked issues

Importing requirements and issues

For each field in PractiTest, you need to specify (or map) a column in the Excel file.
All your fields include the Custom Fields as well.

The following are the special fields to pay attention to:

User Fields – such as Author, Assigned-to, or User custom fields. The import engine expects the exact email or display name of the user. The users need to be part of the project.

Mandatory fields – There are mandatory system fields such as tests or requirement titles, for example. Also, a Custom Field can be defined as mandatory. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*), and they need to be mapped during the import procedure otherwise the import will fail.

After you map the columns in your file to the fields in PractiTest and choose the file to import you should scroll down to select whether to “ignore the first row” in case this row is for the title of your columns. You can also choose to send email notifications of the imported entities or to leave it as is and ignore this operation and not send notifications to your users during the import process (recommended).

Import Issues 1

Importing Tests and Steps

There are 2 ways of importing tests and steps into PractiTest. You can import them together in one file, or you can choose to first import tests and then import the steps separately.

To import a BDD test, include a field named 'Scenario'. If the Scenario field has a value - PractiTest will import this test as a BDD type test. If the Scenario field is empty - PractiTest will import it as a manual scripted test.

Importing Tests and Steps in one operation

To import tests and steps in one operation you need to make sure that your xlsx or Google Sheets file is organized in a way that will allow PractiTest to recognize and import the data correctly.

Issue import 2

The image above shows a file structure that can be used to import Tests and Steps into PractiTest. In this file, both tests and steps are listed together (you can download this file to serve as a template from the bottom of this page).

The first row for each of your tests will include all the information with your test data (including custom fields), and they will also include the first step of this test. Additional steps for this test will follow in the next rows (you should not add the information for your test on these additional rows).

After the last step of your test, you should place the information on your next test, including the first step, followed by rows for each of the steps, and so on.

Test and Step information should be mapped in a similar way to how you mapped the information for your Issues or Requirements (see above) in the following form

Please note that the system field “Name” can include 250 characters maximum.

issue import 3

Importing Tests and Steps in two operations

First tests and then steps

Operation 1 – Import your tests:
You can use the form for importing tests and steps to import only tests. To do this map the information for your tests only, and leave all the fields that relate to your steps empty.

After you complete this operation your tests will be imported into PractiTest and each of them will receive a unique Test id.

Operation 2 – Importing your steps
After importing your tests, to import the steps you must provide the Test Id field for each of your steps: You will need to add to the field that contains your steps a new column where you should write the PractiTest Test Id that each of your tests received when they were imported. Map the Test id column in your import File to the Test Id field in PractiTest.
The Step Position field lets you reorder the steps within your tests. Set the position by numbering your steps sequentially starting from number 1; in case you leave this field empty the steps will be added in the order they appear in the file.


issue import 4

Export Information from PractiTest

From the Import & Export tab, you can also choose to export all the information available in PractiTest.

You can export:

  • Issues
  • Tests
  • Tests’ Steps
  • Tests’ Runs
  • Test Sets
  • Requirements

Notice that you can also export partial information directly from your filters. This is useful when you want to work with only part of the information.

Export Attachments from PractiTest

You can also export all your attachments from PractiTest, just go to the Import & Export tab under Settings and press the “Export all Attachments” button.

The system will create a download link that is available to all users (in the same tab). The link will be available for 24 hours and it will allow you to download all attachments as a ZIP file.

Notice that this operation can only be performed by the Account Admin.