July 2019 updates

Last updated: July 30, 2019

Here are some updates of the past month:

  1. Linked entities columns
    A newly released feature, that allows you to view the traceability linkage easily from within the Requirements module and from the Test Library. Read More Linked entities columns

  2. Tabular Traceability Report
    This new report shows the entire traceability workflow, starting from Requirements coverage by tests, the test sets those tests were added to, and finally, the Issues that were reported from these instances. Read More

  3. Azure DevOps Two Way Integration
    The new bug-tracking integration option is now available!
    The two-way integration allows you to report issues to Azure directly from PractiTest’s test runs and to synch issues and requirements between the systems. Read More

  4. Filter by test type
    We added a new filtering option to the Test Library. This option allows you to filter your test cases by their type: Exploratory Tests and Scripted Tests. Read More

  5. State of Testing webinar
    Our solutions architect, Joel Montvelisky, hosted Lalitkumar Bahamre, Simon Prior and Chris Kenst in this webinar, as they reviewed the main points from the very insightful 2019 State of Testing report. Watch Webinar’s Recording

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