What can we learn from the 2019 State of Testing™ Report Webinar


For the sixth year in a row, the QA Intelligence Blog together with TeaTime with Testers are joining forces to run the State of Testing project. The State of Testing report is based on the largest and most diverse survey in the testing community. This year’s report provides powerful insights into the current status of the testing community as well as a number of interesting insights on the trends affecting the testing and development ecosystem.

In this Webinar, Joel Montvelisky, Solution Architect at PractiTest; Lalitkumar Bhamare, Co-Founder and Chief Editor of TeaTime with Testers; Simon Prior, QA Programme Manager at Camelot; and Chris Kenst, Automation Engineer at BloomNation, are reviewing the main findings of the 2019 State of Testing and analysing what this can mean to the present and the future of the Testing Community.

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