This page is only referring to existing Legacy licenses (Prior to March 2023)!

Legacy Licenses Billing

PractiTest legacy billing system worked with 2 main billing methods:

  • Annual Invoicing / Manual Payment (Via Wire transfer)
  • Monthly Automatic Payments (Via Credit Card)

Both methods can apply to any license type (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate).

Your billing amount is calculated based on your license type and the number of users in your projects.

Annual Invoicing / Manual Payment

Annual payments and wire transfers are only available for accounts with over 10 tester users.

With the annual payment, the client pays for their licenses in advance. This means that adding more users to your projects will result in subsequent invoices and payments. Any unused or removed licenses will not be refunded retroactively.

Note: For any payment made under $10,000 there will be a $50 additional processing fee.

Monthly Payment

PractiTest’s minimal account is for 3 tester licenses in the Professional and the Enterprise plans, and 10 tester licenses in Ultimate plan.

Any license with permissions that are not included in the Developer license, will be calculated as a Tester license.

How PractiTest calculates licenses as part of Monthly Payments? Payment to PractiTest can be done using any standard credit card. PractiTest uses BlueSnap as a payment system (PCI compliant).

  • Towards the end of your 14-day free evaluation, you can enter your credit card details in the designated area in the general tab of the Account Settings.
  • From that moment on, at the beginning of each calendar month, PractiTest will calculate the number of users in your account and the part of the month they worked with the system (defined as users) for the previous month (post-pay) and charge your credit card accordingly.
  • Once the payment goes through you will get an invoice and a receipt from the payment system.

Let’s look at the following example:

  • Let’s say, a customer started his 14-day evaluation on July 10th, with 2 tester licenses and 3 developer licenses.
  • 2 weeks later this customer gets contacted by PractiTest and he receives a unique url where he can set up his credit card and billing information.
  • On July 24th the 14-day evaluation finalizes, but the customer keeps on working with PractiTest normally.
  • At the beginning of August PractiTest calculates the payment amount. In this case we are talking about 4 testers and 3 developers, but only for 7 out of the 31 days of the month (because his 14-day evaluation concluded on July 24th). So they will be charged (4xTester-license + 3xDeveloper-license) x 7/31 days
  • To make things more interesting, let’s assume that on Sep 15th, the customer added 6 more testers.
  • So, in the beginning of October PractiTest will charge : 4 testers + 6*(15/30) testers + 3 developers, meaning that he will be charged for the new testers only for the part of the month that they were actually defined in the project.

Payment Details and Receipts

A receipt is automatically sent each time we charge your credit card. The receipt is sent via email to the credit card owner (the person that filled in the original form in Bluesnap, with his credit card details). If for some reason you did not get the receipt, please let us know and we will request Bluesnap, our payment system, to send it again.

The details for the receipt (how many users, etc.) is automatically generated before we charge. You can see this detail in the Account Settings


Here is an example of a regular payment detail: Account usage for June, 2014 (1 - 30) Average number of testers - 9.5 - Price: $39 * 9.5 licenses = $370.5 Average number of developers - 2.0 - Price: $9 * 2.0 licenses = $18.0 ================= Total: $388.5 Additional VAT may be applied


  • PractiTest never saves the customer’s credit card.
  • BlueSnap saves the customer’s credit card for PractiTest billing.
  • Receipts will be sent to the client up to 72 hours from payment.

Plans and Usage

There are 3 user plans as described in the Pricing Page:

  1. Professional plan:
    • Minimum 3 testers licenses
    • Includes up to 10k new entities + 10.0GB new Storage, per user per month
  2. Enterprise plan:
    • Minimum 3 testers licenses
    • Includes up to 10k new entities + 10.0GB new Storage + 50K API calls, per user per month
  3. Ultimate plan:
    • Minimum 10 testers licenses

For all plans:

  • Additional 2K new entities per month - $10
  • Additional 50K API calls per month - $10
  • Additional 200MB per month - $10
Usage and Alerts

PractiTest will send an email alert to the account admin when an account’s monthly usage reaches:

  • 70% of the monthly limit
  • 100% of the monthly limit

For accounts created after Jan 1st 2022: If an account exceeds its usage limit, it will be billed according to the price mentioned above.

Volume Discounts

  • 21 - 30 testers 15% discount
  • 31 - 40 testers 20% discount
  • 41 - 50 testers 25% discount
  • For larger accounts please contact us Refers to Professional and Enteprise licenses only.