April 2024 Updates

Last updated: April 30, 2024

Here are some updates from the past month


  • The Milestones Module is Officially Out!
    We’re thrilled to announce that our Milestones module is now available to all users! Milestones empower you to better manage and track projects and timelines, consolidate all relevant testing artifacts, and gain real-time insights with dedicated dashboards. Explore our help pages to discover more about the Milestones module.

milestones gif

  • New Instance Detailed Execution Report with Attachments
    The new report includes the attachments that were added to each step of the last run, allowing you to dive even deeper into your test execution details and gain a comprehensive understanding. Click here to learn about this new report.


Coming Up

  • PractiTest Live Training
    Join our customer success team and ask everything you want to know.
    Wednesday, May 8th, 10:00 AM EST / 16:00 CET
    Sign up here
    Can’t make it?
    Join us on Tuesday, May 21st, 2:00 PM EST / 20:00 CET

  • Optimizing Performance Testing - A Guest Webinar With Federico Toledo
    Join us on May 22nd for a groundbreaking session as Federico Toledo introduces the Performance Testing Pyramid model, revolutionizing testing strategies for Agile and waterfall methodologies. Explore unit-level automation, integrated service tests, and client-side performance insights for unparalleled testing efficiency.

PractiTest and Beyond

  • Taming the Chaos - How to Manage Testing in Complex Environments
    Dive into our blog to understand key strategies and helpful tips to better manage your testing efforts in the modern and complex software testing environment.

  • Test Case Library Health Assessment
    Feel like you’re drowning in test cases? Use this tool to determine whether your test case library is well-structured or in need of immediate reorganization.

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