May 2020 Updates

Last updated: May 30, 2020

Here are some updates from the past month


  • Jira integration version 3.0.0 is live!
    No matter if you are working on Jira cloud, Jira Server, Jira Data center or the “No-Plugin” integration version, with this new version, your work with Jira and PractiTest will be smoother - easier to configure, with added value features such as Filter import and more! Read more about using this integration here

  • Project Templates
    PractiTest now has the option to base a new project structure (fields, filters and dashboard items) on the methodology you choose - Agile, Traditional and/or Automation, in addition to the existing option to ‘clone a project’. For more information click here.

  • New Report creation GUI
    Reports are not only an important tool in your testing toolbox, but also the face of your testing work when presented to others. This is why we made our report module clearer and more user friendly - now you can see and try all kinds of reports to help you do your work better!

  • Test Run fields
    PractiTest now has the option to add fields on the run level. Fields are at the heart of the PractiTest system. They not only define an entity, but they also let you filter entities, create specific dashboard items, reports and more. This means you can now define fields, like you do for any other entity, for test run.

PractiTest is on the Map!

  • Spring 2020 OnlineTestConf with more attendees than ever before!
    3 days of testing and QA lectures, covering 3 different time zones with over 4,500 registrants and lectures that broke the attendees number limit! Missed it? Let us know to invite you to the next event this Fall

Coming up

  • Joel Montvelisky hosting Peter Walen to discuss how to achieve quality with as little “testing” as possible.
    Peter and Joel will discuss the topic from a holistic perspective and not by “injecting quality as a result of finding and fixing bugs in the finished product”. Going to be a blast. Sign up here

  • Kobiton’s Odyssey conference features Joel Montvelisky
    Joel will talk about Modern Testing and how we can focus more on quality and less on testing. Check it out here

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