March 2020 Updates

Last updated: March 31, 2020

Here are some updates from the past month


  • Auto filters
    When creating a filter based on a ‘list’ type field, Auto filters allow you to automatically create sub-filters based on the field’s list values. The filter is synced to the field and any change in the field settings will be reflected in the filter as well. Read more about it Here.

  • Annotation type customization for Exploratory Testing
    From now on, you can edit, add, remove and define your own annotation values and give them a unique color.

PractiTest is on the map!

  • PractiTest Ranks as a momentum leader on the G2crowd test management tools Grid
    G2, world’s largest tech marketplace, nominates PractiTest as a momentum leader in the test management category.

  • How to manage teams forced to test remotely - article and webinar
    Due to the COVID-19 global health restrictions, many teams are forced to function with remote testers. We gathered some tools and practices to manage and coordinate testing better in times like now. Find out more

Coming up

  • OnlineTestConf, May 19th-21st,2020
    The only testing conference that cannot be canceled by Covid-19 (CoronaVirus). The upcoming event will focus on testing challenges and success stories. Save your seat
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