External Dashboard

One of the biggest challenges when managing your testing is how to share with the rest of your team the outcome of your testing and how to communicate the important information gathered from your efforts and those of your team.

PractiTest’s dashboard is the place where, with the help of customizable graphs and tables, you can share this information with everyone in the organization (inside and outside your PractiTest team). The dashboard is customized via the project settings.

PractiTest's external dashboard

In the dashboard settings, you can choose whether each one of your Dashboard Tabs is internal or external. By external we mean that even NON PractiTest users can see & access the dashboard.

This allows you to use your dashboard as a Kitchen Monitor with all the value and convenience it provides (you choose to make the link auto-refresh every 5 minutes).

How to configure

Press the ‘pencil’ icon next to the Dashboard tab name. Then, tick the 'Enable External URL Support' box and press on save changes.

Then, use the URL shown in the box to access and share your external dashboard. As shown below:


In this example, 'https://prod.practitest.com/external_dashboards/20-48f33055' is the external dashboard URL.

The dashboard generated by this URL, is very similar to a regular dashboard, without the links to the other parts of the system.


At the bottom of the external page, you may click on the link to make the “kitchen monitor” refresh every 5 minutes:

Embedded dashboard items

You can also embed your PractiTest Dashboard Items (graphs and tables) into any company web portal or Wiki page, including Confluence (JIRA). Click here to read more about embedded dashboard items.