Value Score Functionality

PractiTest’s Test Value Score functionality helps users determine the value of their tests based on multiple attributes of the test, including execution history, issues reported from its runs, and more.

PractiTest’s Value Score relies on Machine Learning algorithms as well as heuristics based on the data and experience the PractiTest team gathered while working with thousands of testing organizations and hundreds of millions of tests and runs.

By using this feature, test architects and managers can get an objective and up-to-date view of the value provided by each of their individual test cases. With the information provided by the Test Value Score, project leads can make tactical and strategic decisions regarding the testing operations in their projects.

test score

Once this feature is activated on your project, you will be able to see the score of your test in the Test Library module as well as the Instance grid within your Test Sets. Tests with less than 3 runs will not receive a score. As you run your tests, the score field will be updated constantly based on your runs’ attributes such as the number of times the test was run, its run status, bugs reported on each of these runs, and more.

You can then use PractiTest’s filtering functionality in order to focus only on tests providing the higher value and at the same time work on improving those tests providing less value to your project.

To enable this capability, go to Project Settings and enable the Value Score option.

test score settings