March 2021 Updates

Last updated: March 31, 2021

Here are some updates from the past month


  • Assign entities to groups
    From now on, once enabled in project settings, you can assign an entity not only to one user but to a group of users (as defined under users & groups in project settings) assign-to-groups

  • Taking automation to the next level - xBot BETA improvements
    You can now find under the TestSets & Runs module all the information you need about your xBot tests: the current running tests, the queue, the future scheduled tests and the history. Learn more about xBot options here xBot queue

  • New Jira Panels - Get more from your PractiTest-Jira integration
    With Atlassian’s updated issue view, you can now see all your relevant PractiTest information inside Jira in a new panel (Serve and DC users need to update their PractiTest plugin in Jira) and easily link issues from Jira to PractiTest requirements:
    • If your issue originated in PractiTest (or is linked to a PractiTest issue) you will have a clear view and links to all the run’s data. test-run-in-jira-panel
    • If your issue is linked to a PractiTest requirement, you will see all the data about the tests covering this user-story. test-in-jira-panel
    • If you want to link a Jira issue to a PractiTest requirement and create a test to cover it, you can do it with a press of a button. create-test-in-jira-panel

Coming up

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  • {Experts Panel Webinar} What not to miss in the 2021 State of Testing™ report
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