December 2021 Updates

Last updated: December 30, 2021

Here are some updates from the past month


  • So, what did we have in 2021?
    Putting our users at the front, these are the main PractiTest areas we focused on, to help users release better, faster and with confidence:
    practitest solution

    • Automation - We are making PractiTest the most advanced test management solution by constantly improving the test automation integrations with multiple unique solutions.
    • Integrations - Use PractiTest as a hub for all your QA information with more integrations added and with advanced improvements to the 2 way Jira integration.
    • Visualization - PractiTest new visualization features make your data valuable and helps you make the right decisions.
    • Functionality - Sometimes the small things make the difference. With some day-to-day work features improvements, PractiTest can now save you even more time and money.

    You can read our 2021 yearly summary here

    But we are not done…
    2022 just started and we are already releasing another integration improvement feature:

  • Jira Integration improvement - Report a Linked issue field from a PractiTest run
    When reporting an issue directly from a PractiTest run, you will now have the option to choose a linked issue and to choose the relationship between the 2 issues - just like in Jira. This is available only if the Jira project you are reporting to and the issue type you chose contain this field in Jira.

Coming up

  • PractiTest Live Training
    Join our customer success team and ask everything you want to know. JANUARY 11TH, 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET Sign up here

  • Who’s Ready for Post-Modern Testing? Guest Webinar by Alan Page
    The A/B Testing podcast star and the world-wide keynote speaker Alan Page will be our guest webinar. JANUARY 19TH, 2022, 10:00 EDT / 16:00 CET Sign up here

PractiTest and Beyond

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