January 2021 Updates

Last updated: January 27, 2021

Here are some updates from the past month


  • Best test management for Jira - edit JIRA fields directly from PractiTest
    After adding the ability to map fields from Jira to PractiTest, you can now edit Jira fields’ values from PractiTest. This is one more step in making PractiTest a hub for your entire information allowing you to generate dashboards and reports based on your ENTIRE data.

  • Demo data projects
    Want to play around PractiTest but don’t want to mess your statistics? Have a new tester on board and you want him to practice before he starts the actual work? You can now create a new ‘demo project’ full of demo data for you to learn and explore the software. (Be sure to review our training course and certification program as well)

  • Importing and exporting traceability
    When importing or exporting entities, the linked entities will be imported as well to keep full traceability throughout your project.

    Import/export Linked Traceability
    Requirements Tests and Issues
    Tests Requirements
    Issues Requirements and Issues

Coming up

  • Webinar - SEBTE: A Simple Effective Experience-Based Test Estimation, By Robert Sabourin
    Learn how SEBTE can help your testing work, starting tomorrow. Sign up now

  • PT labs webinar series- xBot and Automation in PractiTest
    Come here about the extensive automation capabilities of PractiTest. Register here

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