July 2020 Updates

Last updated: July 31, 2020

Here are some updates from the past month


  • Test Management - including more of your automated testing!
    Within the next few weeks, the entire way you manage your Testing will take a shift up, by including more of your automation in it. PractiTest will include automation items in its GUI and all types of test results (including Unit and CI/CD test results) will translate into coherent actionable dashboards and reports.

    automation new test

  • Last Run fields in Dashboard and Reports
    After enabling the run level fields you can now use the information from your last run fields in Dashboards and Reports, as well as in many grids within the system. This provides better visibility and control of your results as well as the additional run-level information captured during your testing

    automation dashboard

  • Step Parameters improvements
    Step parameterization is one of the features our customers find most efficient - so we made it even better. You can now work with lists of values for your parameters, as well as the option to reuse existing parameters while you are writing your tests and steps.

  • Add more fields to Jira Create Issue Modal
    Report a ticket to Jira and include values for any Jira field you want - required and non-required. This change will make updating Jira even smoother. Contact us for more information

Coming up

  • Cross Browser Test Management Using LambdaTest & PractiTest
    Antony Lipman will be a guest in this Lambda Test webinar this Tuesday, 4th AUG 2020, 10:00 AM PST Sign up here

  • Live Podcast Episode
    Testing one on one is going live! Join Joel and Rob for a live session where you can ask them anything. Stay tuned for more details

  • Joel Montvelisky on SwissTestingDays
    Mindfulness at a testing conference!? Joel will introduce a number of techniques to help teams provide excellent testing results faster and in more focused operations. Read more here

PractiTest is on the Map!

  • Testing in DevOps? a new blog post!
    We recently invited Ali Hill to write a guest blog post in Joel’s QAblog. His article on The role of testing in DevOps blew our mind! We can’t wait to cooperate with him again!
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