November 2019 updates

Last updated: December 02, 2019

Here are some of our updates from the past month:

  1. Undelete for test sets (Beta)
    This new feature allows you to restore deleted test sets, including the run data of the instances that resides in the deleted sets. Learn More

  2. Export Account Users List
    We added the ability to export a list of the account users and the projects they reside in. Learn More

  3. Traceability API
    We released new API options for traceability of Requirements, Tests and Issues.

  4. PractiTest Review by Michael Larsen
    Check out this great PractiTest review by Michael Larsen. See Review



  • The 8th Online Test Conf is coming up (3-4.12), so if you still haven’t register, now is the time. Register

  • The Japanses version of the Online Test Conf will take place on the 7th of December, you won’t want to miss that. Register

November Events in Pictures

We had a great time at the events we attended in November, here are some of the pictures from our Booths:

Antony at Euro Star


Christine at Euro Star


Joel and Omri at the Agile Testing Days

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