August 2019 updates

Last updated: September 01, 2019

Here are some updates of the past month:

  1. Cross filters
    The cross filters feature allows you to create a filter in one module based on a filter in another module. This feature was requested by many of our users, and we are excited to announce its release! Read More

  2. Convert text and list type fields
    This new option allows you to convert text fields to list fields, and list fields to text fields. Read More

  3. Attachments at Test Set and Test Instance level
    We added the option to add attachments to Test Sets and Test Instances.

  4. Jira Server version 8.3 support
    We released a new version of PractiTest’s plugin for Jira Server, that is compatible with Jira Sever version 8.3.

  5. Test & Test Sets level fields in tabular aggregated report
    We added the option to use fields from the test and test set entities in tabular aggregated reports. Watch Webinar’s Recording

  6. Trip to Tokyo
    PractiTest will participate in the 2019 Software Quality Symposium (11th - 13th of September). If you are around, come and listen to Joel talk about how implementing the right testing tools can help you overcome the changing QA challenges.

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