2019 Summary - Our Top Items from 2019

Last updated: December 30, 2019

2019 Summary

2019 has been a very productive year. Now that 2020 is knocking at our door, it is time to reflect on the changes we made this year - the top features we added to PractiTest, top events and activities and top awards we received

New Report Types:

  • Tabular with Steps - Tabular report with steps (for test instances), is one of the first things we added this year. This report also includes related issues and summary tabs. If you haven’t try it out already, go ahead. Learn More
  • Tabular Traceability - This report shows the entire traceability workflow: requirements coverage by tests, the test sets those tests were added to, and finally, the issues that were reported from these instances. Learn More

Custom Views and Filtering

  • Cross Filters - This option was requested by many of our users and we were really excited to announce its release. Cross filters allows you to create a filter in one module based on a filter in another module. Learn More
  • Linked Entities Columns - Linked entities columns allows you to easily see traceability linkage between requirements and test cases from the ‘Requirements’ and ‘Test Library’ grid. Learn More

API Options:

  • Test Runs’ Step Attachments - This new parameter for the ‘Create a run’ call, allows you to add attachments to the steps of your automated run. See API Documentation
  • Traceability API - Traceability options for Requirements, Tests and Issues using the API.

Additional Features:

  • Undelete for Test Sets - Using the undelete feature, you can easily restore deleted test sets with the test instances they contain and all the test runs’ data. Learn More
  • Global History - The global history option helps project admins keep better track of project activities, and monitor which users made which actions in the project Learn More


Top Events and Activities in 2019

We had some interesting and exciting events this year. Here are some of the most compelling ones:

Fall 2019 OnlineTestConf

  • The 8th time out for this magnificent online testing conference was maybe the best one yet. we heard great talks by some of the leading names in the testing industry. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the 2019 fall OnineTestConf, you can see what you missed here.

The Japanese OnlineTestConf’s First Event!

  • For the first time, this year we had a Japanese version of OnlineTestConf! In addition to global and international trends from the testing world, we also covered Japanese practices and implementations. See More

The 6th Edition of the State of Testing Report

  • This year’s State of Testing report was very insightful, and highlighted some of the most important trends in the industry.


PractiTest Top Awards and Reviews in 2019

  • The 10 Most Advanced QA & Testing Companies of 2019 by Mirror review magazine. See Full Review

  • G2 Crowd Industry Leader.


December updates

  1. Attachments at Test Set and Test Instance level
    From now on you can add attachments at the test set and test instance level, in addition to test, requirement and test step level.

  2. ‘Starts With’ operator for filters This new addition allows you to filter by entity titles, text and memo fields. With the ‘Starts With’ operator you can filter entities’ titles or fields values that starts with a certain expression.

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