Most popular PractiTest feature releases in 2021

PractiTest Test Management 2021 feature release summary

This year, we continued evolving and released new features that are focusing on making our users' lives easier and helping them release better products, faster and with confidence. Our main focus areas were:

  • Automation - Enabling test automation integration with PractiTest to have a one-stop-shop for all your testing methods. Automation integration with PractiTest is done in various ways to fit your needs and to make the integration seamless and easy to add.
  • Integrations - More tool integrations and improvements to our existing Jira integration, to help you manage all your testing efforts in one place, easily.
  • Visualization - To make knowledgeable decisions, you need to understand your data. With the new visualization features, you can filter your data and present the exact image you want of it.
  • Functionality - Make your day to day work easier and smarter.

Below we have listed the most popular features released this year.

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PractiTest test management dashboard on computer screen
Manage All Your QA Efforts in One Place


  1. xBot 2 BETA - The release of the new xBot 2 BETA - PractiTest’s internal automation framework, lets users not only manage the results of their automation in PractiTest, but also trigger the runs from within the system and see how the runs perform. With constant improvements such as scheduling and Agents performance view, xBot gives better control and visibility over the automated testing in the overall testing process.
  2. xBot queue
  3. FireCracker - PractiTest internally developed tool that parses and modifies any XML test results into PractiTest tests, sets, runs and fields, using a friendly UI, is a leading way to integrate CI/CD tools and Unit testing. The additional parameters and customization options we added to the modification stage, make this tool even more valuable when centralizing all testing efforts.
  4. REST API - With easy to use documentation, PractiTest REST API is still one of the favourite ways to integrate any automation to PractiTest. This year we have extended the API calls to cover also fields and steps creation and update and give our users more options and flexibility.

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  1. ClickUp Integration - We recently introduced the PractiTest integration with ClickUp, the rising project management tool. With this integration, you can automatically report a task in ClickUp from your Practitest run. Changes to the task will be reflected back to PractiTest in real-time.
  2. ClickUp Integration
  3. Jira Improvement - These new Jira integration features, make it the best in the market and make your work better and easier.
  4. Jira Improvement
    • The PractiTest panels in Jira have been utilized to include more information and more actions.
    • We have added the option to map Jira fields to PractiTest fields and enabled the editing of these fields on both the PractiTest side or the Jira side.
    • Issues in a Jira Filter can be synced to PractiTest and keep updating PractiTest automatically with any new issue in the filter.
  5. CircleCI orb through FireCracker - Those who are working with CircleCI can now easily integrate their results to PractiTest, without even downloading Java, through the FireCracker orb. With the CircleCi results being parsed and modified into PractiTest, ALL testing entities can be viewed together in extensive and advanced dashboards and reports

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Dashboard graphs can be based on almost any field type, making any kind of data visible and actionable

dashboard graphs

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  1. Entity assignments to individual users or groups, to make sure everything is covered and everybody knows what they are in charge of.
  2. Files & images attachment improvement for easy flow and zero technical time waste
  3. Importing entities with their linked entities to gain full traceability from starting point

Many of the new features you read about here and see in the product are features that were requested by our clients. PractiTest puts the users at the front and dedicates any resource possible to make the users’ work better, easier and more significant. We can’t wait for 2022 to show you what’s next, because there is so much more to come.

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