With PractiTest, you can run, control, view and manage both your automation and manual testing. Finally have complete visivbility for your entire process in one place.

You can integrate your automated tool with PractiTest using one of the following methods:

PractiTest’s API

The Automation API enables our customers using any automation solution (commercial or home-grown) to notify PractiTest automatically with their automated testing results. With those results, users can create extensive dashboard and reports based on their entire data and understand the full picture. Read more about PractiTest's API


PractiTest FireCracker enables xml files translation into the PractiTest system in a contorolled and automated way. When using any CI/CD platforms, users can update the results into PractiTest through firecracker and gain complete visibilty to all testing results - manual and automated. Read more about Firecracker

Eggplant integration

With the PractiTest Eggplant integration, you can trigger your automation tests and recieve the results inside PractiTest, giving you full control and visibilty to both your manual and automation tests. Work with the integration for an integrated workflow and a seamless solution. Read more about Eggplant integration

xBot - Internal automation framework

Coming soon!