PractiTest supports the execution of both Manual and Automated Tests, allowing customers to run tests from any commercial or home-grown tools.

In order to integrate your automated tool with PractiTest, make use of PractiTest’s API.

PractiTest’s API

The Automation API enables our customers to notify PractiTest automatically with their automated testing results.

Customers run their automation using any automated solution they choose and update PractiTest directly with the Automation API.

This way, users can have a clear picture of the testing (manual and automated) within PractiTest.

Many of our customers use tools such as: Selenium, Ranorex, etc.; or their CI platforms (such as Jenkins, CirlcleCI, etc.) in order to update PractiTest.

The main API method to choose is : “create_a_run”

See a full example how to send results of your automated test in Selenium to PractiTest here.



Make use of Practitest’s API in order to generate the automation you need.

  • Integrate all the test runs (manual and automatic) in your project under one roof
  • Flexible – define the functions you want
  • Can be run automatically -> whether via a cron task, or when you commit, depends on your needs and configuration
  • Integrates with your existing framework
  • Define the results you want for your report
  • Initialize your automated tests (via framework) and update PractiTest with your results
  • Support all different test statuses: PASSED, FAILED, BLOCKED, NOT COMPLETED, NO RUN
  • Supports of steps inside runs
  • Works everywhere in every language, just update us with a simple POST command.
  • CONS: your code needs to update PractiTest in your code






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