Account settings

The Account Settings (account admin only) section is where you can manage the projects in your account, and also view additional information about your projects and users. If you are the account owner, you will see the ‘Account Settings’ link on the top left side of your screen, next to the ’Help’ link. This link is not available to other users.
Account Settings Access

General Tab

  • Set account details
  • View and modify your license type
  • See all active and expired projects
  • Change payment information and see payment details
  • See Account's User Information
General tab
In addition, if you are using the Enterprise version, you can use the API Tokens.


Project Management Tab

Create a new project

Create a new Project

When creating a new project notice that in addition to naming your project, you will be able to clone (copy) most of its configuration settings from an existing project in your account in order to save you time. You can independently choose to copy your Fields (Custom and System), your User Groups and Workflow, and/or your Users and their groups assignment.

Notice that although PractiTest does not limit the number of projects you can have in your account, at the beginning your account will be limited to 4 active projects. The reason for this is to make sure that you are using your projects correctly and not creating unnecessary overhead to your users. To lift this limitation simply contact our support team and they will explain to you how to add additional projects.

  • See all existing projects and included users
  • Rename projects

Projects Management

Edit Project

  • Enable / Disable / Delete whole projects
  • Enable issue deletion

We do not recommend issue deletion, and suggest changing an irrelevant issue’s status to “closed”; but know that the possibility exists.

Manage Users Tab

Users by projects:

Allows you to see the projects a user belongs to
Reset password option

– Shows license type for each user
Manage Users Tab

Batch add to projects:

-Easily choose users from list and add them to projects’ groups.
-You can search for specific users and add them at once.

Batch add to projects

Delete from all projects:

From the Manage Users tab, select a specific user and easily remove him from all projects

Delete from all projects

Changing or adding an additional account owner

PractiTest account owners can easily transfer their role to another user and accounts may have multiple owners as well.

To change/add the account owner:

  1. As account owner go to Account Settings > Manage Users > Account Owners* > Make an Account Owner.
  2. In case an account owner has left the company without transferring his role to another user, PractiTest user that still works in the company should login using credentials of the account owner (use the ‘Forgot my password’ option if needed), then go to the Account Settings and perform actions stated at step 1 before removing past owner.

*Once you are in the ‘Account Owners’ tab, you will see a list of users where you will be able to make additional user as account owner.

adding account owners

Integrations Tab

The integration tab includes all integrations that are available for the account level: Jira Cloud, Jira Server, Pivotal Tracker, Rally (CA Agile Central), Youtrack.

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