Migrate from TestRail

PractiTest end-to-end Test Management tool is the most advanced and stable SaaS QA platform at the most reasonable price. With an easy-to-migrate plan from TestRail, best-in-class Jira integration, well documented REST APIs and the best support in the market, PractiTest is the best solution for you

When migrating away from a test management tool, there are many things to consider:

Migration Process

Moving away from a tool can be a long, costly process if the target system does not have a built migration plan. With the PractiTest Migration Plan for TestRail users, you can move all your tests to PractiTest within seconds. Use our special script to convert your TestRail tests into PractiTest tests without losing your separated steps data. Together with our on-boarding process and the customer support given at any point, migrating to PractiTest is easy and saves any unwanted overhead.

Migration Process
Application Functionality

PractiTest offers all the features a modern test management solution can offer. From requirements to tests to issues, you can create, run, manage and view results of all testing types including scripted and exploratory manual testing and automated testing of many kinds. PractiTest gives you end-to-end traceability, visibility and control of your entire process. The Platform integrates seamlessly with all bug-trackers. The Jira two way integration is best in class keeping both systems synced at all times and updating each change made from one system - to the other. With this integration you can visualize your entire process and all testing artifacts in one place and keep all your team up-to-date.

Availability and Reliability

When working with a SaaS test management tool, you have to be confident about the tool stability and have full transparency to the software status. PractiTest maintain uptime of 99.99%, has all logs documented and communicated to clients at real time, Have a disaster recovery plan and support and ensures the safety and availability of your data at all times. We take our clients’ work and data seriously and treat it with the highest standards of security available in the industry. PractiTest is certified with SOC2 type 2 and ISO 27001 to ensure all safety processes and protocols are kept at all times.

Best Support in the industry

PractiTest’s support team is the best in the market. With an average response time of 4 MINUTES, face-to-face support sessions, on-boarding plans and general availability and enthusiasm to help, PractiTest support gives you the peace of mind you need from a SaaS vendor.

Best Support Team