Hassle-free migration to a modern ALM platform
without losing any data

PractiTest is the go-to solution for teams migrating from Microfocus ALM / QC. With PractiTest’s unique ALM Exporter tool you can migrate ALL your information, including history, attachments, comments and more, and completely eliminate transfer overhead.

Why move away from Microfocus ALM / Quality Center?

When working with a test management or application lifecycle tool that doesn’t support new agile approaches, such as Microfocus ALM / Quality Center , it is difficult to support business requirements.
Moreover, Microsoft announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer, which has led Atlassian to do the same.

Since Microfocus ALM / Quality Center runs on IE, it’s time to move to a dynamic cloud-based platform that will allow you to support your organization’s Agile and DevOps testing. PractiTest enables you to test anything and create a seamless workflow for your entire QA operation in a friendly and efficient way.

Web Browsers Support
Seamless migration process

PractiTest has a ready-to-use migration process that supports your transition from Microfocus ALM / Quality Center every step of the way.

  • Reviewing and mapping your existing projects and their structure
  • Exporting and modifying all your Microfocus ALM / QC data using our unique ALM Exporter tool
  • Setting up PractiTest projects and importing the relevant data
  • Training for your team.
Migration Process
Shift to PractiTest easily, quickly and without extra expense

To migrate from Microfocus ALM / Quality Center to PractiTest easily and efficiently without losing any data, PractiTest has developed a unique migration tool, the ALM Exporter. With the ALM Exporter you can export all your Microfocus ALM / Quality Center database including runs, history, attachments, comments and more, modify the data, and then import it to PractiTest smoothly. The ALM Exporter can save up to 85% of your time and ensures the seamless transfer of your entire database so your team can continue working without losing data or wasting time.

Best Test Management for Jira

PractiTest has a powerful two-way integration with all Jira hosting options, providing seamless communication and smooth process between QA and R&D with end-to-end testing traceability. With PractiTest you can have a fully capable test management solution that works with Jira seamlessly. From importing and linking user stories, to reporting and syncing issues - PractiTest and Jira are always updating each other and data from one system is presented live on the other. This way you get one focal point for your entire testing process without compromising on your process and workflow.

Jira Integration Workflow
Don’t buy a tool, buy a solution

To support the benefits of our platform, PractiTest offers methodological guidance. This includes on boarding, best practices, methodological help, ongoing support and more, and is provided by the Customer Success team made of QA experts. The PractiTest platform is ever-growing; the platform is always evolving to solve more issues our clients are facing and to keep the platform up to date with the best features possible.

Best Support Team