Migrate from HP QC to PractiTest QA management solution

The pressure to release better products, faster is no news these days. In order to ensure product quality, there is a need to perform proper testing. Demands have accelerated and became more complex with multiple devices, browsers, and locations. When working with a test management or application lifecycle tool that doesn’t support new and agile approaches, it is difficult for testing teams to support these business requirements, so for too long, testing was considered a delaying function that you had to go through.

Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer, which led Atlassian to do the same.

If you are using HP QC (now owned by Micro Focus) that runs on IE, this is a great opportunity to make the change.
It’s time to move into a dynamic, cloud-based tool, that will allow you to support your organization Agile and DevOps testing and will enable you to test in a more friendly and efficient way, with any operation system, with (almost) any browser.

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Browser support
Jira workflow

Test Management for Jira

PractiTest’s powerful two-way integration for all Jira hosting options, provides seamless test management, QA and development process solution that allows testing traceability from end to end. With PractiTest you can have a fully capable test management solution that works with Jira seamlessly. From importing and linking user stories, to reporting and syncing issues - PractiTest and Jira are always updating each other and data from one system is presented live on the other. This way you get one focal point for your entire testing process without compromising on your process and workflow.

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Migration Process

PractiTest has a ready to use migration process that will support your transition from HP QC. From reviewing and mapping your existing projects and their structure, through setting and preparing PractiTest project for the actual data migration, to training services, PractiTest supports every step of the transition to make it as efficient and easy as possible.

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Migration process from HP Quality Center
Working at my desk

Module-based Pricing

As a SaaS solution with advanced functionalities, PractiTest lets teams pay only for their actual usage (categorized by the different pricing plans). Understanding teams today grow, shift and change all the time, and so does their needs, we established a billing system that calculates price based on usage and not on estimation. This lets you work freely with the features you need without worrying about paying for redundant items.

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Best Support in the industry

At PractiTest, support is not about helping you when you are in trouble, but about helping you make the most of your system. We see support as a way to ensure our clients are using the tool in the best way possible - technically and methodology. Our support team works around the clock, with an amazing response time mean of 4 minutes, to ensure your team streamlines their work hassle-free.

14 day free trial, no CC required

Answering a phone call

"The tools is SaaS, very user friendly, board, extremely flexible, and their integrations (with JiRA and Confluence) are simply great!"

- Elad Binyamini, VP QA and automation, Kaltura

Full Case Study

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