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Being a light Saas QA management tool PractiTest was designed for the Agile process. Things like data organisation based on sprints or any other project criteria using their unique hierarchical filter trees structure, combined with customizable visibility for each stakeholder and seamless integration with external tools (bug trackers, automated testing tools, CI and more) are crucial for the agile workflow. PractiTest ensures your QA tasks and team are working smoothly and efficiently, and allows other project stakeholders to collaborate – such as R&D and management.

  • Display information in multiple ways at once.

  • Provide relevant information to each of your stakeholders in the way they expect.

  • Duplicate data or generate complex DB queries easily. 

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PractiTest for MicroServices

These days more and more organizations are moving to Microservices architectures.

Applications or services are becoming bigger and more complex, and working with Microservices architecture helps to cope with this complexity by developing these applications as a suit of small services, each running in its own process and communicating among themselves either via APIs or even HTTP in some instances.

But Microservices also introduce additional complexity and risks, caused by the numerous releases, the independent components, and the need to communicate and support the work of one another.

This is why you need a centralized system to ensure your Microservices architecture is being validated and tested properly.


PractiTest’s solution is ideal for MicroService development testing teams because it helps to:

  • Organize your testing repository based on your Microservices relationships and constraints, grouping tests based on the services they cover – even if each test runs across multiple microservices.

  • Create standard Test Sets that guide your team on the scenarios and relationships that need to be tested during the development of your microservices and during the deployment process

  • Integrate with your CI and other development frameworks to guide the test of your manual and automatic tests using a single repository and planning location.

  • Generate real-time reporting dashboards showing the status of your tests and runs during your development phases and when deploying services to your production environment.

PractiTest for DevOPs

Many organizations are making an effort to blur the lines dividing between developers, testers and IT / Operations.

Cooperation is the New King, and DevOps are becoming increasingly popular as the best solution to cope with the rapid pace of software development.

But DevOps doesn’t mean less testing. On the contrary! It means that more and more people on your team need to be able to test their work before it is pushed to your users.

In order to cooperate successfully and to empower more of your team to be effective testers, you need a solution that will guide your DevOps efforts without delaying the pace of testing.

This solution is PractiTest!

PractiTest’s solution is ideal for DevOps teams as it allows to:

  • Enhance team communication and cooperation.

  • Display real-time information in multiple ways at once.

  • Integrate with CI and other development frameworks to guide testing of your manual and automatic tests using a single repository.

  • Reuse your testing elements to save time and to increse efficiency.

  • Duplicate data or generate complex DB queries easily.

  • Have full visibility into your entire process and base your desicions on the entire picture.

Regression Testing

Organize your end to end testing process, including all your regression efforts, in a single place. Provide simple and complete visibility to your project - Always!

  • Easily transform your New Functionality tests into Regression Test Cases.
  • Create and use modular regression test sets, to help you cope with the Agile needs of your projects.
  • Coordinate and integrate both manual and automated regression testing efforts in a single management platform.
  • Have full visibility of your testing, know exactly which tests were run and when, and when a specific issue was introduced to your system.
  • Create bugs directly from your runs.

Migrate from QC

More and more organizations are moving away from Quality Center (by Micro Focus) to more advanced and agile QA managemenet tools.

Business demands are accelerating all the time and product requirements become more complex with multiple devices, browsers, and locations. The pressure to release better products, faster, calls for a change in approach. Testing for the sake of testing doesn’t cut it anymore. It must shift to become a quality enabler, supporting agile development processes and adding value to the product, the process, and the business.
When facing the new agile bar, a team must move to a dynamic, cloud-based tool, that will allow and support the organization Agile and DevOps testing.


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