Test Management 3.0 - The Challenges and Value of Testing in Today’s Agile & DevOps Reality

Test Management 3.0 - The Challenges and Value of Testing in Today’s Agile & DevOps Reality

Guest webinar with Intellyx - Digital Transformation Experts

Testing teams had a well-defined role in the waterfall era. Then the Agile revolution turned QA on its head and caused an industry-wide wave of confusion that resulted in testers being scattered among development teams, without a clear idea on how to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of their new reality.

For a modern approach to test management, organizations must balance the need for agility and fast delivery cycles with the challenge of not compromising on quality or introducing unnecessary customer risk in the delivered software.

A new generation of Test Management is emerging that incorporates the reality of distributed DevOps teams and heterogeneous platforms with a renewed ability to collaborate and orchestrate quality efforts and assets with customer value in mind.

Join Joel Montvelisky, co-founder and Chief Solution Architect, PractiTest, and Jason English, principal analyst at Intellyx and learn:

  • What is limiting progress and bringing Test Management back?.
  • How traditional end-to-end test management processes are being replaced with modern distributed Test Orchestration practices.
  • How PractiTest can help teams orchestrate testing suites and quality assets to deliver with confidence in today’s heterogeneous and distributed dev/test environments.
  • Best practices for establishing a next-gen Testing CoE.

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