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    Watch Our Webinar: “Thinking Outside the Box: Cognitive Bias and Testing” with Lisa Crispin!

    Discover how our unconscious biases impact software testing and learn techniques to think innovatively.

    Event Overview: Our unconscious biases affect every aspect of our lives. How do they impact our ability to test software products? It’s not so hard to make sure a feature meets agreed-upon requirements. It’s a lot harder to avoid the “unknown unknowns” that will cause customer pain in production.

    As testers, we often hear that it’s essential to “think outside the box”. This lets us innovate and discover the unexpected. It helps us find new ways to solve problems. And, it is hard to do! We all have unconscious biases that can limit our observational skills and creativity. In this session, we’ll look at how different thinking styles can get in the way of effective testing. We’ll do some quick exercises to illustrate different ways our brains think, including one your whole team can use together. Participants will get several ideas of ways to build up their lateral thinking “muscles”.

    Key Topics:

    • Exploring the impact of biases on testing effectiveness
    • Strategies to foster innovative thinking in testing
    • Practical exercises to enhance lateral thinking skills

    Why Watch?

    • Gain insights into identifying and overcoming cognitive biases
    • Learn techniques to enhance creativity and problem-solving in testing
    • Participate in interactive exercises to apply new concepts with your team

    If you missed the live session, you can now watch the recording to gain valuable insights and participate in interactive exercises to apply these concepts with your team.

    Stay tuned for more insightful webinars and events to enhance your testing skills and gain fresh perspectives from industry experts like Lisa Crispin.

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    About Lisa Crispin
    Lisa Crispin

    An independent consultant, author and speaker based in Vermont, USA. Together with Janet Gregory, she co-authored Holistic Testing: Weave Quality Into Your Product; Agile Testing Condensed: A Brief Introduction; More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team; and Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams; and the LiveLessons “Agile Testing Essentials” video course. She and Janet co-founded a training company offering two live courses world-wide: “Holistic Testing: Strategies for agile teams” and “Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery”.
    Lisa uses her long experience working as a tester on high-performing agile teams to help organizations assess and improve their quality and testing practices, and succeed with continuous delivery. She’s active in the DORA community of practice. Please visit https://lisacrispin.com , https://agiletester.ca, https://agiletestingfellow.com and https://linkedin.com/in/lisacrispin/ for details and contact information.

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