The Hidden Logic of Thinking for Testers with Nithin S.S

The Hidden Logic of Thinking for Testers

Ability to think deeper is one of the most valuable skills that every tester needs, yet it is rarely taught in universities and workplaces. In today’s world, problems are becoming more complex with the addition of new technologies, tools and approaches. To deal with these challenges and remain competitive, we should start to think about thinking and build a framework that helps us to face any testing challenges thoughtfully and require a new toolset or framework for thinking. At its core, it must be a framework that helps with problem-solving & provides a structure for our solutioning process. For this, learning and understanding how to spot gaps in our thinking process play a significant role.

As explained by Daniel Kahneman in the book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, our brains have two thinking systems, ‘System 1’ which is faster and intuitive and the slower and contemplative ‘System 2’. The interaction of the two systems often helps us get things right or fail. Understanding how we use these systems to think helps us make better decisions and problem-solve. Connecting all the dots around thinking, I have figured out some hidden logic that we still need to explore and analyze. This talk will get you thinking about how you naturally think and unleash its full potential to be a skilled tester by leveraging those hidden logic & approaches.


  • Explains the importance/role of different thinking types in testers
  • Strategies to improve your ability to think, analyze and interpret using those thinking types
  • Guides how to generate a unique art of thinking(Incorporate thinking with metacognitive skills) for testers
  • Learn to spot “gaps” in the thinking process by applying Phoenix Checklist and Socratic Questioning Method
  • Role of design thinking & Empathic thinking in the craft of testing

About Nithin S.S

Nithin is the founder of Synapse QA, a community space of test automation professionals and software quality advocates. He has nearly a decade of experience in the IT field with a focus on test automation delivery of web & mobile-based applications. Nithin actively runs test automation workshops, helps other professionals share their writings in the Synapse QA community, and works as Engineering Manager, QA at Fave Malaysia.

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