Testing is Not the Goal - Guest Webinar by Rob Meaney

Testing is Not the Goal

An entire team must fundamentally focus on testing and operability to ensure success. Fifteen years ago, we used to physically burn software onto discs that were packaged and shipped to customers. The cost of failure in that world was enormous. So we'd spend weeks—sometimes months—testing before release. Once the release was shipped, we'd feel a sense of relief because there was nothing more to do.

Today, we're faced with complex new challenges and risks where failure can be socially and financially catastrophic. How can teams effectively manage risk when faced with the challenges of a continuously changing and complex world? For the past five years, as a quality coach, I've helped numerous teams not just survive, but thrive, in a modern world.

In this talk, Rob introduces strategies to deal effectively with both the risks we can imagine and the realities we cannot. It explores deployments as the beginning of our journey, not the end. Rob shares the techniques and models they developed that enable teams to move quickly without compromising quality. Attend this talk to start unlearning old ideas about testing, development, and operations. A team-wide focus on testability and operability is fundamental to happy, high-performance teams, a successful business, and satisfied customers.

About Rob Meaney

Rob Meaney is an engineer that loves tough software delivery problems. He works with people to cultivate an environment where quality software emerges via happy, productive teams. Currently, he’s working as Director of Engineering for Glofox in Cork, Ireland.
He has worked in diverse areas from highly regulated industries like safety automation & fraud detection to dynamic, exciting industries like gaming.

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