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    How to succeed as a Tester in a DevOps environment

    Software Development is a complex thing. We are dealing with customers who do not exactly know what they want. We also have to deal with complexity, confusion, changes, new insights and half answers. This requires research and experiments to create valuable software.

    In agile and especially DevOps approaches the motto is: automated everything! Some companies claim they do not need testers at all, other companies are T-shaping developers to do the testing. New kid on the block is AI and machine learning, that will definitely replace testing I hear people claim. Do we no longer need testers? I don't think so. But as testers we need to up our game to stay relevant.

    An awesome tester has many skills. In my blogpost "Heuristics for recognizing professional testers" I described 18 heuristics to recognize professional testers. These heuristics are still relevant.

    • What makes a tester successful in a DevOps team?
    • What skills are important?
    • What should we automate and what not?
    • Do testers need to be able to program or not?
    • How is testing in DevOps different?

    In this interactive session we will look at quality software, risks and value. We'll dive into biases and misunderstanding surrounding testing. Everybody in IT should understand what modern testing can look like and how it can be very valuable, fast and fun. Our clients expect us to speed up and go faster. So how can we fine tune our work to make this expectation real? How can we deliver quality software fast? As a DevOps team we can do this and be successful, only if we collaborate...

    In this talk share my experience with many development teams as a tester and an agile/quality coach. We explore and discuss testing. In my stories I give examples of great testing in DevOps teams. Stories that inspired others to up their game and experiment with new ways of working. Join me to learn how to succeed as a tester in a DevOps environment! Even better: in ANY environment.

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    About Huib Schoots
    Huib Schoots

    Hi, I’m Huib Schoots, nice to meet you. My personal mission is shaping better people and software quality by connecting, innovating, facilitating, coaching, enabling and teaching. I’m fascinated by mindset, thinking, behaviour and collaboration. I’m active in many communities.

    Some keywords about me: humanist, open, direct, creative, idea generator, result driven, humor, problem solver, curious, confronting, critical thinker, passionate and energetic, lifelong learner, entrepreneurial, analytic and continuous (world) improver. I like hanging out with friends, play trombone in a brass band, board & computer game, LEGO, photography, hiking & running, beer brewing, magic tricks, travelling and reading.
    I work as a managing consultant & quality coach at qualityaccelerators.nl and as an agile test expert, trainer and senior consultant at deagiletesters.nl

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